How to add links to Instagram posts + tricks

Julia Moore
The social media limits the opportunity to navigate users to external resources. That's why it’s not that easy to add links to Instagram posts as on other platforms. In the article, we will tell you how to send users to a page you want them to visit.
Reading time — 8 minutes

Where you can add a link in Instagram

You can put a link everywhere you add text. These are posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels, and even comments in Live. It is also possible to add a link in your bio. 

The thing is, links will be clickable only in bio website line, and in IGTV. Links on a feed photo or video can also be clickable, but only if they are an advertisement. Owners of a verified Instagram account and instagrammers with 10,000 followers can also add clickable links in Stories. 

How to add a link to IG post

Now you know what links will be active and what won’t. Now let’s see how to use both of them to navigate users to where you need them.

Text link in a post

It doesn’t make a difference whether you put a link in the caption, first comment or on the content. In the app, users can’t copy text under a post. Therefore, they have to remember the link and type it in the browser address box anyway.

In a browser, users can copy text under a post. 

Links in posts are not active, but it doesn’t mean they are doomed. Work on design to make users remember them and open in a browser.

Make sure the link looks neat

A short link is easier to remember than a long one. The probability users will enter it in the browser address box is still modest, but it doesn’t equal zero. They will go to a browser if your offer is really interesting. So take note of the method.

Use online services to shorten links. For example, Bitly.

  1. Put a link in the box and press Enter.
  2. Copy the link and paste in a post caption. 

Write a description for a link

The description should include a clarification where the links lead to and a call to action. Write with simple words and use short sentences. Offer users a real benefit. Trust your marketer sense. 

IGTV Preview

Links in IGTV description are clickable. But the videos are to be found only in the relevant section in your profile. IGTV previews are added to the followers Instagram feed, but links in their descriptions are not clickable.

Your aim is to motivate users to go from the preview to a page with the full video. The advice part above helps here too. Make it as clear as possible where links lead and why users need to tap it. And remember, even the most loud call to action can’t help a terrible offer. 

On the page with the full video, users only need to tap the clickable link. It will be in the description which can be opened by the arrow near the title. Don’t forget to add a call to action here to be sure users will follow it.

You better work on the preview design too. Make sure the link stands out from the rest of the text. Make it neat and short. Thus, it will take less space. 

You may even add several links. 2,200 symbols of the description is more than enough for it. For example, first add a link for placing an order. And different links for delivery terms and a catalog under it.

How to add a link in IGTV video

The title and description are added when you are publishing a video. Fill the fields after you uploaded a video. Don’t forget to make the button Post a Preview active. The description is automatically copied to the preview in Instagram feed. 

You can also add a link in description of an IGTV video that has been posted. You need to disclose the three dots menu while watching the video and choose Edit. 

Call the Edit menu of a posted preview like you do with a usual post. 

Wherever you edit the description, it is changed both in a preview and its full video.

Shoppable posts

We are sure you’ve seen these posts. You tap the picture, then items' and View Products tags appear on it. All them are also clickable links.

There is another link in the form of a line at the bottom of a post picture or video. Users usually see a View Shop, Learn more, or Shop now sign on it.

Going to any of these links users can get to a page of a catalog and buy the products they like. 

You can add links to Instagram posts for selling and buying too. Check whether Instagram Shopping is available in your region on the page of Instagram Help Center. If your country is on the list, go set your business account. We wrote a full post-guide here

What are other ways of sharing links in Instagram posts

You can tell people where they can find the links instead of adding it to a post. Use the same methods we described in the article about links in Instagram Stories.

  • Mentions can be added both under and on the content. The links under a post are always displayed. Tags on a photo or video are displayed after a user taps them or the portrait icon.
  • Direct. Tell users they can DM you and you will send the link in response. Or ask to write a plus in comments if they want to get the link in DM. Then send the link in Direct to everyone who wrote it. This is also an opportunity to chat with your audience and become closer, which will be good for your brand.
  • Link in Instagram bio is clickable. Put it in the website box in bio and refer to it in posts. 

Clickable links in Taplink

Taplink helps you to make the best of the link in Instagram bio. Create landings with the main information and answers to the common questions, catalogs and messaging app buttons. You can also send users from your main landing page to other Taplink landings or external websites. 

All links in Taplink are clickable.

On a page like that, potential customers or fans will find everything that might be useful to them. Add a link to Instagram posts with different topics, it will always be relevant. Sign up now.

The bottom line

There are no chances to circumvent the Instagram restrictions in terms of the links. You can't add links to Instagram posts if they lead to external resources. But you can:

  • Make short links that users will easily remember and use in a browser.
  • Navigate users to pages using IGTV videos. 
  • Create shoppable posts with links. 
  • Find interested users and send them links in Direct. 
  • Tell users to go link in your bio and use multiple link with Taplink. 

Let’s discuss in the comments what way to add links to Instagram posts is the most convenient.