How to add your Twitter link to Instagram bio

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 12 April, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
A talented person is talented in everything. We believe you are not only a great photographer, but also a person of letters. Let others believe it too! Put your Twitter link in your Instagram bio. We will tell you how you can do this. And what more, we will share a secret on how to add multiple clickable links to your bio.
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Where you can get your Twitter URL

Let’s start from where you can get your Twitter web address. You can write it manually or copy it.

Write a link to your Twitter profile

It doesn’t take much intelligence to write a web address of your Twitter account. The URL consists of the Twitter website address and a username.

You can see a username in a user's profile.

Highlighted username in a Twitter profile bio

In the line below, you can see an example of the web address. Replace "example" with your username and you will get the link to your Twitter. You don’t need to add "@".

This link you get should be added to your IG bio. Below we describe how to do that.

Copy a Twitter URL in the app or browser

You might find it easier to copy your Twitter profile link. For example, if your off-the-wall personality made you choose a long username, or you are afraid to misspell it. You can copy your Twitter URL both in the app or browser.

Twitter application

You can copy a link on Twitter this way:

  1. Tap your profile photo.
  2. Tap your photo once again.
  3. Disclose the three dots menu.
  4. Choose Share.
  5. Choose Copy.
Tapping the profile photo in the home tab in the Twitter appTapping the profile photo in the menu in the Twitter appTapping the three dot icon on a Twitter profile page
Choosing Share in the menu on a Twitter profile pageChoosing Copy on the list of profile sharing options

Now, pay attention to how the link looks. It is above the buttons in the last screenshot. The "" and a username are followed by a set of letters and symbols.

Everything that is after the username can be deleted. The link still works without them and looks neater. You can delete the redundant letters and symbols when you add the link to your Instagram.

Twitter website in a browser

In a browser, Twitter links are copied this way:

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Select the URL in the web address field and click it with the right mouse button.
  3. Choose Copy.
Clicking Profile in the Twitter menu on a computer
Copying a Twitter profile link in the desktop browser

Now the link is copied to the clipboard. You can go to the next section to put it in your Instagram.

Put the link in your Instagram bio

When you have copied the link to your Twitter, you should share it on Instagram.

We are sorry to warn you, the link opens in the Instagram browser, where a user is not authorized. It means they can’t subscribe to you, repost, like or comment until they log in with their Twitter account. Users are not likely to do that.

But don’t worry, in the next section we will explain how to make Twitter accounts and posts open in the app. Thus, users will view the Twitter page authorized, which means they will subscribe and give likes more often.

Add the link in the Instagram app from the phone

First, let’s look at how to put a Twitter link in the app from a smartphone:

  1. Tap your profile photo.
  2. Tap Edit profile.
  3. Enter a link in the Website field.
  4. Save changes by tapping the tick.
Switching to the profile tab in the Instagram appTapping Edit profile on an Instagram pagePasting a Twitter profile link and saving changes

Add the URL to Instagram in a computer browser

You can well put a link in your Instagram using a browser.

  1. Click the profile photo.
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Paste or write your link to Twitter in the Website field.
  4. Click Submit.
Tapping the profile photo on the Instagram home page on a desktop
Tapping Edit profile on an Instagram profile page on a computer
Pasting a Twitter profile link and saving changes in the desktop browser

There is a way to share as many links as you want in your bio on Instagram. Thus, you can direct users not only to your Twitter profile but also to your TikTok profile, YouTube channel and other social media pages. And its name is Taplink!

Taplink is a tool you can use to create a page with multiple links for your Instagram bio. The links may lead wherever you want. And if they lead to the socials, they open in the mobile apps. Users can subscribe to you, like, or comment on a Tweet in just one click.

You can also share Twitter links on Instagram Stories using a page like this.

How to add multiple links to your bio

Sign up on Taplink to start creating a page with multiple links, it’s free.

After you sign up, you get to the section with design templates. You can choose one of them or make a custom design. We go with the second option to show an example, so we tap Empty template. You can do the same, or you can use one of the templates to create your page quickly. Here is the template you can use to create a page similar to the one we show in this article.

Tapping Empty template in the Taplink library

Let’s set a photo.

  1. Tap an empty profile picture.
  2. Choose Upload image.
  3. When the photo is uploaded, tap Save changes.
Tapping the blank profile photo on a Taplink page in the editorTapping Upload image in the profile photo settingsSaving changes in the profile photo block on Taplink

Share your Twitter or other social accounts

You can put a link to your Twitter account or other social media platform on the page.

  1. Tap Add block.
  2. Choose Social networks.
  3. Choose one of the socials, in this case it’s Twitter.
  4. Enter your username in the Twitter profile field.
  5. Optionally, you can set the Link text. It will be displayed in the button.
  6. If you want to place buttons to other social media profiles too, you need to tap Add new item and fill the fields the same way. We added Facebook and TikTok as an example.
  7. Tap Save changes.
Tapping Add block in the Taplink editorChoosing Social networks on the list of Taplink blocksChoosing Twitter on the list of Social networks
Adding a custom Twitter button text and a Twitter username, and a new social network buttonSaving changes in the Social networks block

Here is how users will see the links to your socials.

Twitter, Facebook, TikTok links added as buttons to a Taplink page

There are also branded messaging app buttons that you can add. If you run a channel in WhatsApp or Telegram, or another app, add the buttons. Give your followers each and every way to keep up with your updates!  

Place a Tweet in your Instagram bio

In addition to the account URL, you can share a Tweet on your page. It will look the same way as on Twitter. Add a clickable widget for this. 

To begin with, you need to copy a code on Twitter. You can do it only in a browser:

  1. Tap the three dots.
  2. Choose Embed Tweet.
  3. Tap Copy Code.
Tapping the three dot icon in a Tweet in the appChoosing Embed Tweet on the list of Twitter post optionsTapping Copy Code on the Twitter Embed code page

Now you must embed the code to your Taplink page.

  1. Tap Add block.
  2. Choose HTML code.
  3. Insert the code in the field.
  4. Tap Save changes.
Tapping Add block in the Taplink editorChoosing HTML on the list of Taplink blocksPasting a copied embed code and saving the HTML code changed

When you have added several blocks, you can move them. Touch and hold the gray rectangle that is near the block that you want to move, then drag it to the right place.

Highlighted three lines near a HTML block on a Taplink page in the editor

Here is how users will see the Tweet on your bio page.

Tweet widget and Twitter, Facebook, TikTok links added as buttons on a Taplink page

You can add social network widgets to direct users to your profiles on other platforms too. For example, you can add one to link to Pinterest from your Instagram bio.

How to add the page to your Instagram bio

Few things left — publish your page and put it in your Instagram.

Publish the page:

  1. Tap Publish
  2. Think up a name for your page and write it in the field.
  3. Tap Connect.
Tapping the forward arrow in the Taplink editor to open the publishing menuWriting the unique part of the page URL and tapping the Connect button

Tap Copy link to save the web address to your clipboard.

Copying the page link in the Taplink publishing menu

Put the copied address in your Instagram. We already described the directions above. Here is how a link to a Taplink page looks in an Instagram account.

Instagram profile with a clickable Taplink page link

In conclusion, we want to say that Taplink has more than 300 ready style variations that you can use. Besides, the service offers editing tools. For example, Sections make content ordered. You can make your page look exactly what you want it to. Read more about it here.

Look what the page that we were creating can look like:

Taplink page with an applied bright theme in the editorTaplink page with an applied dark theme in the editor

Ready to boost your Instagram? Create a page with multiple links!

The bottom line

If you want to add a Twitter link to your Instagram bio, you need to copy it or write it manually. After that, you need to put it in the Website field in the IG settings.

Since you are a Twitter pro, you may also be a Threads pro. Here is how to add your Threads link to your Instagram bio.

Use Taplink if you want to share multiple links on Instagram. Thus, you can put links to several social platforms and other websites at the same time. Create the page right now or read the guide on adding multiple links in an Instagram bio first.