How to view Instagram without an account:
from a phone or computer

Julia Moore
From this article you’ll know how to view Instagram without an account, and also how to find someone on Instagram without logging in. We will tell you about the limits for unauthorized users in the social network. At the end we will give answers to frequently asked questions on the topic. The answers are in the One-line section.
Reading time — 6 minutes

Limits for viewing a profile

Let’s start from some theory, this information is really important. Instagram limits unauthorized users. After watching several posts, they see a pop-up window calling to sign up, which can’t be closed. 

You can view up to 30 latest photos. Then, when you scroll the page down, you see the appearing window "Log in to continue".

Here are two solutions:

  • Create an IG account and see the pages without limits. 
  • Refresh the page and hope you’ll have enough time to scroll the page to the post you need after that.
Important: you won’t scroll the whole profile page even if you refresh it every 5 seconds. Unless only there are only 30 posts on the page. 

View Instagram publications using a web browser

Now let’s go to the practical part of the article: see how to browse Instagram accounts without making your own. Using a website version, you can see posts, Reels and IGTV. It’s not difficult: first I’ll show how to look at Instagram without an account from a computer, then from a phone. 

From a computer

Open a web browser: Google Chrome, Safari or Edge — whatever you like. Then you type the link of an account in the address box. The URL should be of the following form:

Instead of "username" you put the username of a person whose page you want to see. 

A prime example: I want to check my own account when being not authorized. My profile address is I type the URL in the address box and press "Enter".

Now I can view Instagram without logging in. But remember about the limits from the first part of the article. 

If you are automatically directed to the logging in page, try VPN or Incognito window to browse Instagram profile pages.

You can't click a post and open it from a profile page as you do when you are authorized. But there is a trick, open it in a new tab to view. You can also watch IGTV videos this way. 

  1. Click a post with the right mouse button.
  2. Choose Open link in new tab.

Tap a Reel to watch it. You don't have to open it in a new tab. 

From a phone

To view Instagram without an account from a phone, you need a browser again. The official app is not an option. You have to log in it to see a profile. 

Open a browser and type a profile link in the address box. What browser you use doesn’t matter: Chrome, Safari, any will work.

After you’ve navigated the link, you see the person’ page. Now you can look at their last publications.

You can see only several last posts due to the limits.

You can also open a post or IGTV from a mobile browser to see them in full size. 

  1. Long tap a post from a profile page. 
  2. Choose Open in new tab.

Reels are opened in a mobile browser as from a computer. Just tap it, no new tab is required. 

How to see Stories and posts without logging in 

You can view Stories without an account too. Use online services for the purpose. For example,

It’s simple and it’s free. It doesn’t even require signing up. Just type a username and you’ll see two tabs. One is for Stories and the other is for posts. 

You won’t see publications of private profiles. Highlights, Reels, IGTV are not available both for private and public Instagram accounts.

Find people on Instagram without an account

To find someone on Instagram without logging in, open any page of the social network from a computer. It may be your friend’s page, relative’s profile — doesn’t matter. Just don’t open the main page. There you have to sign up or log in.

At the top of the interface, there is an Instagram search bar. Type the information to perform a search there: name, last name, or username. 

You can also search by a description: for example, a coffee shop. Available coffee shops' accounts appear on the list immediately. 

One-line answers to commonly asked questions

Now you know how to view Instagram without an account. But you probably still have some questions. So we’ll briefly answer the most popular of them.

Can I see private profiles without logging in?

No, you can’t. You need to create an account and request following the profile. When the owner of the account confirms it, you can see their Instagram posts. 

Can you bypass the limits for unauthorized users?

No, you can scroll the feed without limits only when you’re logged in. 

How do I watch Lives on Instagram without login?

There is no way to do it. You have to log in. 

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The bottom line

All these methods allow you to see an IG profile if you don’t have an account or want to view them privately. Use a browser or an online service to look at a profile without login. You can do it both from a computer or a phone. 

Write in the comments, do you wanted to view a profile anonymously or you don't have an account?