How to share your Instagram profile link

Julia Moore
A profile link on Instagram is a unique web address leading to a user’s page. There are several ways to get the URL, and we will tell you about them. We'll also give you ways to share your Instagram link on other social media platforms to promote your account, increase the reach rate and gain new followers.
Reading time — 9 minutes

Type your Instagram link manually

You can share your Instagram profile link by typing it where you need. It may be a dialog or a post in social media. It’s not difficult to remember how the link looks.

Username is the name of your profile, it’s your login. 

For example, the link leads to the official Instagram page. 

Copy Instagram link from a browser

This method is applicable both for mobile devices and computers. Use it to copy your Instagram link or to get the URL of another user. 

  1. Tap the address box two times. The link becomes highlighted and there appears a menu.
  2. Tap Copy.
Click the left mouse button and choose Copy, if you are using a computer.

Instagram profile QR code or Nametag

You can get a QR code or Name tag of your Instagram profile instead of the link. They will be a kind of your business card both from a smartphone or computer. In the mobile app it is called a QR code. In a web browser version, look for the Nametag feature. The differences are not only in their names, but also in their functions. 

It is also called a nametag in the desktop app version for Windows 10.

This is one more way to share your Instagram profile link. It looks more appealing than just letters in a row. Placing it on your profile is also a good way to promote the account.

Create a QR code for your Instagram profile

It’s easy to create the QR code:

  1. Open the three lines menu on your profile page. 
  2. Choose QR Code.

On the square you see your Instagram username and pixelated image which is the code.

If you like the idea that you can not just find your Instagram URL and share it, but you can create a nice business card, you'll like the idea that you can alter the code design.

Tap the button at the top to see available options.

  • Emoji. You can change the one that is spread all around the square. Tap the screen. There appears a window where you can search for another emoji. Type a word and choose what’s suggested.
  • Selfie. A camera feature with emoji appears. Tap it to change what’s displayed. There are a unicorn rubber ring, different glasses, heart-eyes, and mustaches. The photo will be displayed as the emoji. Tap the screen to change the selfie attribute after you took the photo.
  • Color. It’s simple — you tap the QR code and the distinguishable vivid gradient changes its color. Choose what's related to you — blue, green, violet, rose, orange.

Tap the icon in the top right corner to share your Instagram profile. You can post it to the feed or Stories, or send in DM.

A little trick for iOS users

You can get your Instagram link if you tap the Share icon. There you will find the option Copy. Tap it, and you will have the Instagram profile link in your clipboard.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature on Android.

Nametag instead of the IG profile URL

Nametags are also a great way to share your Instagram profile. It has less possibilities than the QR code though. You can only make it on a color background. Though, the color can be changed. You can download the tag after creating it. 

  1. Go to your profile page and click the gear icon.
  2. Choose Nametag.
  3. Click Download Nametag.

Send it as a picture or print and spread offline. 

Copy a publication link on Instagram

You can copy and share a post or Story link instead of an Instagram profile link. You send a link to users. They go to a post or Story and then tap the Instagram username at the top of the publication to go to your profile.

This is how you can find Instagram post URL and copy it:

  1. Tap the three dots on a post page.
  2. Choose Copy Link.

This is how you can find an Instagram Story URL and copy it:

  1. Tap the three dots while watching your Story.
  2. Choose Copy Link.

Use your second Instagram account to get the link

There are options to share links to others’ Instagram profiles. You can get your Instagram link using one of them if you run several accounts. Then you can share it anywhere you want. 

For example, I want to share my juliamoorenyc Instagram profile. So the first thing I do to find my URL is log into another Instagram account. In my case it’s sara.miller.kc. Then I go to the juliamoorenyc page and open the three dots menu.

Send your Instagram profile link in DM 

The Instagram profile link can be shared in Direct. 

  1. Tap Share this Profile.
  2. Choose users who you want to send the page. 

A profile preview will appear in your dialog with that person. 

Copy Instagram profile URL 

You can also copy an Instagram profile link of another user or of your second account.

Tap Copy Profile URL.

Now you can share your Instagram profile, paste the link wherever you want.

The bottom line

One of the ways to promote your account is to share your Instagram profile on other resources. 

There are different ways how you can get an Instagram profile link. You can type the link manually or copy it from a web browser. The QR code or Nametag are alternatives to the text address. You can also use a second account to share your Instagram link of your usual profile. 

Sharing Instagram profile links on other resources is a highly useful tool in terms of digital marketing. It is even more relevant to brand’s accounts.

Write in the comments below — what method to get your Instagram link you will use.