Instagram bio for tattoo artists & studios: 30+ ideas

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Updated 15 May, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
No more struggle coming up with a good Instagram bio on the tattoo topic. Below you can find ideas to copy and paste, that are great for both artists and studio owners, and tips for writing a custom text. There is also an explanation on the link that you should add to your bio to convert more users into clients.
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Your bio is one of the things that can increase your conversion on Instagram. It can make users who want a tattoo to book a consultation or session if it includes:

  • Compelling text. A text that says you are a tattoo artist or studio and gives details like your tattoo style, location, and advantages and encourages users to follow the link in your bio. Below, you can find compelling texts for your Instagram bio to copy and paste, and also tips for writing a custom one.
  • Converting link. A link that lets Instagram users take the next step on their way to becoming your clients, whether the next step is searching for more information, discussing the tattoo design, or booking the time. Below, we explain how you can get a converting link like this.

Look at the example of an Instagram bio in a tattoo artist's account. In the first screenshot, you can see a compelling text and converting link. In the second screenshot, you can see the page where the link leads to.

Good Instagram bio for a tattoo artist with a compelling text and a converting linkInstagram link in bio page for a tattoo artist made on Taplink

Let's start with the tattoo bio ideas for your Instagram profile that you can copy and paste.

30+ ideas for Instagram bio in the tattoo niche to copy and paste

Here are Instagram bio ideas that are good for tattoo artists and studios. Just copy the one you like most and paste it into your profile.

Blackwork Illusions
💥 Ink it, don't think it 💥
Ready to wear your art? Book an appointment ⬇️
Captain Inkbeard
😎 Life's too short for blank spaces. Get inked!
Let's discuss the tattoo idea that is keeping you up at night ⬇️
Fine Line Felon
Tattooing what your heart whispers. Limited slots open for June. Book yours:
Needle kiss
🖤 Dance with your demons, ink their shadows on your skin 😈 Are you ready to bear the mark? 🖤
Book your inked session now:
Buzzing machine
Tattoos for winners and achievers, not for the faint-hearted.
Thinking tattoo? Let's chat! 😉 Go to my Taplink:
Never-fading lines
Ink is the sword of self-expression, a shield of resilience
View my schedule and book an appointment ⬇️
Dotwork Professor
Tattoos that voice the poetry of your soul and the melody of your being. Let's make some art:
Inky [Your Name]
🖤 Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve — tattoo it where the world can see 🖤
Tattoo designs & schedule:
Tattoo for my boo
🖤 Welcome to the inked side of life
🖤 Wearable art, with a side of badassery.
Check out my open schedule & book your tattoo ⬇️
Inkredible hero
🖋️🖤 Ink runs through my veins, not just my pens
[Your location]. More on my Taplink:
Screaming tattoo
😎 Tattoos for attention, not for approval
Get inked in [your location]:
Ink revolution
🖤 Accidentally artistic 🖤
Bold strokes, vibrant hues, timeless stories
My schedule's filling up fast! Book your consultation today:
Inkstagram tattoos
Ink it on, stand out strong 😎 Let's design your dream tattoo! Tap the link:
Whispering Lines
Ink it, express it, be unapologetically you 😉
Discuss your tattoo design and find inspiration:
Inked art | [Your Name]
The art of self-expression ✨
Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Ink up!
Follow for inspo & book your slot
Tattooed skin
💠 Can't Draw, can tattoo.
💠 Turning bodies into living art.
Let's brainstorm your badass ink! Tap the link:
Tattooed stories
Ink is the language I speak fluently 😎
Your skin deserves art. Book your tattoo consult today:
The Dark Mark Maker
Perfect or nothing. I don't do mediocre tattoos 👌
Info & appointment time on my Taplink:
[Your name] | Bold Ink
I don't sugarcoat. We ink it straight.
Feeling naked without ink? Let's fix that! Schedule a consultation ⬇️
Soul Script Tattoos
⚠️ Warning! Our tattoos cause uncontrollable awesomeness.
Get your tattoo that is as fierce as the souls that wear it, book an appointment ⬇️
Mom-Approved Mark Maker
In the inkwell of destiny, write your own story ✨
Let's create a meaningful tattoo ⬇️
Marked soul | [Your location]
🖤 Wanderer of realms, adorned in inked constellations. We'll help you find the perfect tattoo idea and get it on your skin. Let's start with a free consultation:
Dr. Inked | [Your location]
✨ In the ink, find liberation; in the art, find yourself ✨
Get your one-of-a-kind tattoo! Follow for details:
Fine lines | [Your Name]
Tattoos are the permanent mark of commitment.
Feeling the itch for a new tattoo? Scratch it with us! Book an appointment now ⬇️
Tatooine Stark | [Your location]
🖤 In the tapestry of life, let your ink be the vibrant thread 🖤
Follow & book a consult:
Shaky Line Specialist
Every tattoo tells a tale; let yours be an epic 😉💥
More info and appointment schedule on my Taplink:
Second skin specialist
Bold enough to ink, bold enough to live 😎
Follow the link for more info and a free consultation:
Needle sting | [Your location]
Ink it today, love it forever ❤️‍
Let's discuss your inkredible design:
Reinkornator | [Your Name]
Get tattoos, blank is boring 😉
Let's get your blank skin tattooed:
Inked and confused
🖤 Inkling the echoes of your dreams 🖤
Let's brainstorm your dream tattoo:
Skinfluencer from [your location]
In every stroke of ink, find the pulse of your passion ✒️❤️‍
Schedule your tattoo session & get inked:
The Mediocre Mark Maker
Where ideas take shape and skin becomes a canvas 💕
Limited slots left this month! Book your tattoo session now ⬇️
Unapologetically tattooed 😎 Dare to be different too.
Book your appointment today ⬇️
[Your location]'s ink and needles
In the silence of ink, find the echoes of your soul's song ✨💕 Let's create your next masterpiece now! More on my Taplink:
Sacred Symbols
🖤✨ Every tattoo tells a tale, but only the bold dare to read between the lines.
Book a free consultation ⬇️

So, you've got a compelling text for your Instagram bio, let's get a converting link now.

A converting link in an Instagram bio of a tattoo artist or studio is the link that lets users take the next step towards getting a tattoo. A Taplink link is perfect for this. It leads users to your web page made on Taplink. There you can add everything users may need to get a tattoo:

  • Portfolio. Users need to be sure that they can get the tattoo they want. Show the client's tattoos that are the best examples of what you do.
  • Stages. Users need to be sure they can manage what they will face while getting a tattoo, like a deposit, aftercare, etc. Describe each stage in detail.
  • Action button. Users may have no doubts and be ready to get a tattoo. Add messaging app buttons for discussing the design and calendar links for booking the time.
  • Address. Users need to be sure they can get to your studio easily. Add your location, map with a location tag, and a link to a map app where they can create a route.

And many more! Add a countdown timer and run discount campaigns, add an opt-in form and generate leads with lead magnets like tattoo trends or tattoo aftercare guide, etc.

Here is an example of a Taplink created for an Instagram bio of a tattoo artist:

Instagram link in bio page for a tattoo artist made on TaplinkImage carousels with tattoo designs on an Instagram link in bio pageFAQ section and map on a Taplink page made for a tattoo artist

View the full page here.

Creating a Taplink for an Instagram bio of a tattoo artist or studio is a matter of minutes thanks to the Taplink templates. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Choose a template. Here is the template of the Taplink you see above.
  3. Customize your Taplink. Edit texts, replace photos and videos, add your contact details, etc.
  4. Publish your Taplink.

If you need a detailed guide, here it is.

Then you can link to the Taplink page in your tattoo bio on Instagram.

How to create a custom Instagram bio for the tattoo niche

A custom tattoo bio on Instagram is more compelling. This is because it is adjusted to your audience's pain points and so hits these points precisely. You know your audience best, so you know best what pain points to trigger to convert them.

Follow these tips to create a custom Instagram bio for the tattoo niche:

  • Describe what tattoo you do. Let your audience know that you do the tattoos they like. Write about your style and how your tattoos can change the appearance.
  • Highlight your advantages. Give your Instagram audience reasons to choose you over other tattoo artists. Write what's most important to it when choosing a tattoo artist, like a cozy studio or a hefty portion of numbing cream.
  • CTA. Tell your Instagram audience to follow the Taplink link in your bio to get what they need. You can promise detailed information, contact or booking buttons.

The bottom line

Now you have everything to make an Instagram bio for the tattoo niche that converts your audience into clients:

  • Compelling text. You can copy and paste an Instagram bio for the tattoo niche from the listed ideas or write a custom bio following the tips.
  • Converting link. Create a Taplink and add everything your Instagram audience needs to become your tattooed clients. Then, add its link to your bio.