50 dropshipping Instagram bio ideas + tips

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 12 April, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
The way you design your profile affects your revenue. We are here to give you good dropshipping Instagram bio ideas so that you can make your highest revenue. And if you want to make a custom bio, there is a part in the article for you. Also, we explain what link is the best for your bio.
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An effective Instagram dropshipping bio should include:

  • Compelling text. It should catch attention, describe your brand, and encourage users to buy. Below you can find text ideas to copy and paste. There are also tips for writing a custom bio.
  • Selling link. This link should be the shortest way to the product page a user needs, then, the chance this user buys is high. A link in bio page is the shortest way for every user, so, link to it. We explain this below.

First things first, we start with ready dropshipping Instagram bio ideas to copy and paste.

Dropshipping Instagram bio ideas for 5 niches

Here are dropshipping Instagram bio ideas for 5 popular niches: apparel, beauty, kitchen, baby, and pet items. Choose a category relevant to you, copy one of the texts, and paste it into your social profile.

Apparel and footwear

If you sell clothes, shoes, accessories, or similar things, these dropshipping Instagram bio ideas are for you.

Trendy Threads Hub
🌟 Clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, and more. Stylish fashion delivered to your doorstep! 🚚 Serving [your location]. Shop now!
Chic Closet Finds
🔥 Outfitting you with the hottest apparel and footwear trends.
📦 Your fashion destination with nationwide delivery!
The Style Stash
🌟 Express yourself through fashion! Browse our collection for the perfect outfit and accessories for every occasion 👇🏻
Urban Wardrobe
🛍️ Fashion that speaks volumes! Shop the latest trends in clothing, shoes, hats, and more. Available for delivery in [your location]. Shop now:
Luxe Boutique
👗👠 Your go-to destination for trendy apparel and footwear. Elevate your wardrobe with our curated collection of fashion essentials! ✨
Vogue Vibes
✨ Find your signature style with our clothing. 🚚 Available for delivery in [your location].
Find your perfect outfit:
Fashion Hub
🔥 Discover the latest trends in fashion!
🔥 From head to toe, we've got your fashion needs covered: 
Footwear Faves
🎉 Fashion finds just a click away! 🛒 We deliver nationwide. Discover your style today ⬇️
🌟 Fashion must-haves for your wardrobe upgrade.
🚛 Discover the joy of fashion delivered! Serving [your location].
Shop now:
Couture Closet
😎 Stay stylish, stay comfortable with our apparel and footwear.
📦 Effortless style, delivered to you ⬇️

Beauty and personal care

If your shop assortment includes cosmetics, then you can choose your dropshipping Instagram bio from the ideas below:

Beauty Bloom
✨ "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" — Coco Chanel.
✨ Order now for fast delivery and shine brighter than ever!
Glam Glow
💄 Indulge in self-care bliss with our luxury beauty collection! 💆‍♀️ Nationwide delivery available. Shop now:
Skin Essentials
✨ Transform your beauty routine with our divine products.
🌺 Discover the magic of self-care 👇🏻
Pure Beauty Emporium
💎 Luxury beauty, delivered to you. Order now and let your beauty shine:
Luxe Care Solutions
👑 Indulge in royalty self-care luxury with our beauty treasures. Order now for shipping across [your location]:
Glow Up Goddess
🌸🌿 Transform your routine with our pure beauty solutions. Order now for doorstep delivery and experience the magic:
Beauty Essence
✨ Glow-up revolution 💖🔥 Empowering beauty enthusiasts worldwide 💄 
Order now for nationwide delivery and let your beauty shine! 
Fresh Face Finds
✨💖 Making your beauty dreams come true. Shipping across [your location].
Discover the magic with our products ⬇️
Beauty Bliss Boutique
💖 Beauty is self-care 💖 Enhance your beauty rituals with our cosmetics ⬇️
Glow Empire
🌸 Your beauty, your power. Shop now for nationwide delivery and indulge in self-care bliss:

Kitchen and dining

Here are Instagram bio ideas for dropshipping kitchen equipment and dining items:

Culinary Charms
🍴✨ Savor the flavors of life! Every meal is a masterpiece waiting to be created. Enjoy fast delivery to your doorstep:
Kitchen Kraze
🍕✨ Discover your culinary magic with us. Tap the link below to order delivered straight to your home ⬇️
Epicurean Essentials
🍳🔪 Cook like a pro, dine like royalty! Your one-stop shop for all things kitchen: from gadgets to cookware. Free shipping on orders over $50:
Gourmet Gleam
🔥 Let your kitchen gleam with gourmet goodness! Unleash your culinary creativity with our premium products. [Your location] delivery 👇🏻
Dining Delight
✨ Feast your eyes on culinary treasures! 🍽️ Create unforgettable dining experiences with our items. Dive into the feast and enjoy express delivery:
Feastful Finds
🍳🔥 Craft your cuisine, conquer the kitchen! 🍴 Quality kitchenware with nationwide delivery in just 2 days across [your location]:
Dine In Style
🔪✨ Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for your dining space. Tap below to shop and enjoy doorstep delivery in no time:
Home Chef
🔥 Spice up your kitchen and dine in delight! Turn your culinary dreams into reality with our kitchen & dining items 👇🏻
Kitchen Magic Makers
🍕 Craft your culinary masterpiece with us!
🍽️ Shop kitchen essentials with fast, fuss-free delivery across [your location].
Dining Decor
🍳🍴 Experience culinary finesse with our essential tools and gourmet delights. Delivery available across [your location]. Tap to shop:

Children items

These are Instagram dropshipping bio ideas for selling kid items:

Little Wonder Shop
👶 Stylish threads for baby trendsetters 👶 Hassle-free shipping in [your location]. New arrival, shop now! ⬇️
Kidz Treasures
🥰 Little joys, big smiles. Endless fun with our toys for kids of all ages!
🚛 Same-day delivery in [your location].
Mini Marvels
🍭 Kids' smiles are our specialty! 😄🐣 Explore a world of toys that inspire creativity and laughter ⬇️
Magic Emporium
🌞 Making childhood magical with toys for joy and skill development!
🌍 Shipping across [your location]:
Kids World
🧩 Childhood is all about fun! 
💚 Toys that make ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.
📬 Receive your package within 3 days:
Young Explorers
🌞 Spreading love and joy through comfy kid outfits! 💕 From tiny tots to trendy teens, find the perfect outfits for every age 👇🏻
Happy Childhood
💖 Dive into a realm of giggles and growth with playful treasures 🌈🧸 Let's make childhood unforgettable! Tap to shop the magic:
Toy Universe
🌌🧸 We've got everything to make childhood magical: from cuddly companions to trendy threads 🌟 Shop now and ignite your child's imagination 👇🏻
Bright Land Store
🥰 Fashion-forward looks for your little stars 🌟 Make them stand out with every outfit. Hit the link below 👇🏻
Baby Outfit
👶 Outfitting baby adventurers with style and comfort! 🌈✨ Shop now and let your little one shine! ⬇️

Pet supplies

These dropshipping Instagram bio ideas are for you if you sell items for pet owners:

❤️ Fur-ever love, fur-ever care. Premium pet supplies for a paw-some life ❤️
🐾 Shop now and make your pet's day:
Bark 'n Meow Market
🐶🐱 Doorstep delivery of pet supplies at your convenience. Treat your furry friends to the best, follow the link 👇🏻
Critter Comforts Corner
🐾 Bringing joy and comfort to pets everywhere.
Follow the link to shop must-have products for all your furry, feathery, and scaly friends:
Fur & Feathers Store
🌟 Keeping tails wagging with our top-notch pet products. Make your pet happy:
Happy Tails Supply
🐕 Products for pets' luxury lives 🐈 
Shop the best for your furry family members:
Pawsitively Perfect Pets
🐾 Your pet's happiness is our priority. Pet supplies delivered with speed and care across [your location]:
Pet Emporium
🐶🐱 The world of pet essentials. [Your location] delivery for all your pet's needs. Indulge your furry friend:
Fuzzy Friends
🌟 Your furry friend's favorite destination for all things cozy and cute! Free shipping in [your location] 🐱 Shop products for your pet's healthier and happier life:
Wild Alley Side
🐾 Paw-sitively amazing pet supplies just a click away! Same-day delivery available for [your location]. Follow the link ⬇️
Fuzzy Corner
🌟 Making pet ownership easier and more enjoyable. Get everything your pet needs ⬇️

Now you have a text to add to your dropshipping Instagram bio. Next, read what link you should add to it.

As for the link in your Instagram dropshipping bio, it should lead to your link in bio page. This page is a bridge between Instagram and your website. It helps each user to get to the product page they need in an easy and short way. So, more users come and buy.

Look at an example. The first screenshot shows the page link in a bio. The other two screenshots show the page that users get to when they tap the link.

Highlighted link in an Instagram bio for dropshippingImage carousel catalog and a WhatsApp button on a link in bio pageLink in bio page for dropshipping made on Taplink

You can view the full page here, it was made on Taplink.

A page like this in your Instagram dropshipping bio helps you to get more sales because it:

  • Shortens the way to the checkout. Add all your product category links. Then, each Instagram user can get right to the category they need and find the product quicker. The short way means users do not slip away.
  • Features products. Draw attention to the best sellers, new arrivals, items on sale, or the items you need to sell more. Add their pictures, descriptions, and links to the top of the page. Then, more users will see these items and thus, more users will buy them.
  • Answers questions. Add a FAQ section to dispel doubts. Users can quickly find the information they need there. They don't have to look for the answer in your profile or the website or wait for an answer in a chat, so they don't slip away.
  • Builds newsletter list. Add an opt-in form to the page to collect email addresses. You can offer users a discount code for subscribing to the newsletter. In the newsletter, you can promote your items.

Now, the question is where to get such a great page for your Instagram dropshipping bio.

How to get your Instagram link in bio page

You can create a page for your dropshipping Instagram bio on Taplink, too. It's a matter of minutes with page templates:

  1. Sign up on Taplink.
  2. Choose a page template. In the Lite website tab you can find templates for 20 niches. If you want to create a page similar to the one we show above, use this template.
  3. Customize your page. You can add, edit, and delete texts, photos, links, etc. Look for instructions here.
  4. Get your page link. Here you can read how to publish your page and copy its link.

Read a detailed guide on creating a link in bio page on Taplink here.

Then, you only need to add the page link to your dropshipping Instagram bio. If you have profiles on other social networks, add the page link to your bio there too. In case you need instructions, here they are.

How to write a custom text for your dropshipping Instagram bio

A custom text in your Instagram bio for dropshipping is better for your sales. This is because no one knows your audience's pain points and your product peculiarities better than you. So, a custom text resonates with the audience and makes them buy.

Here is what you should write in your custom dropshipping Instagram bio:

  • Niche. Say what you sell and how it can make users' lives better. Remember about specific pain points — write about the problems your items solve that are relevant to your audience.
  • Peculiarities. Say what makes you different from hundreds of other sellers on Instagram. Add your competitive advantages and product specifics.
  • Call to action. Say users should follow the link in your bio to find more information or buy the item they want.

The bottom line

Now you have everything you need for creating a good dropshipping Instagram bio. Choose one of the ready ideas or create a custom text. Get your link in bio page that makes purchases easy for users so that you can boost your sales.