60 small business bio ideas for Instagram and other social profiles

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Updated 12 April, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Opening a business is a lot of hassle. We are happy to ease it and help you with your small business bio for Instagram or any other social network. Below you can find examples to copy and paste and tips for creating a custom text. Also, you can read what should be in your bio if you want to develop your brand.
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What's special about a small business bio

A small business unlike a big business doesn't have an audience that it can convert into customers yet. So, its prior goal on social media is to build users' awareness and loyalty.

Accordingly, a small business bio should present a brand in a way that gives users reasons to follow and trust the brand, while a bio of a big business describes the offer.

Small brandBig brand
Have an audience that they can convert into clientsNoYes
Prior goalBuild an audienceGive the audience a way to buy
Profile bioPresent the brandDescribes the offer

Sure you may think a good brand presentation is not possible within 150 Instagram bio characters. Indeed! That's why you should have a link in bio page in your profile. There you can write as long texts as you want, and also add photos, videos, maps, social profile links, and many more.

Let users read and view everything that can't fit into your small business bio on this page. Below is an example. In the 1-st screenshot, you can see a link in an Instagram bio of a small business. In the 2-nd and 3-rd screenshots, you can see the page that opens when a user taps this link:

Highlighted link in an Instagram bio of a small macaron shop Taplink page with an image carousel catalog and buy buttons for selling macaronsSmall business link in bio page with customer reviews and interactive map made on Taplink

It takes just a few minutes to get your page if you use Taplink templates, sign up and choose one. By the way, here is the template of the page shown above. If you need detailed instructions for creating a page, you can find them here.

Also, any business bio should have a call to action. In the case of a small business, it should encourage users to go to the link in bio page.

Let's look at Instagram small business bio ideas that show how to get all these together.

Small business bio ideas for everyone

Here you can find universal small business bio ideas and also ideas for specific niches like clothing, beauty, home, tech, and food products.

Small business bio ideas for any niche

This part includes ideas that any business can copy and paste to its bio on Instagram or any other social network regardless of the niche.

[Your town] local delights
Hey there! We're all about [your niche or product] and spreading smiles 🌈✨Join our [adjective like "wholesome" or "colorful"] journey:
[Your town] treasures
💖🛍️ Hi, we've been waiting for you! We're your go-to spot for [your specialty]. Follow for daily doses of [adjective like "cozy" or "stylish"] inspiration!
[Your town] crafted
✨ Hey, friends! [Your features] are our priorities.
✨ Ready to dive into a world of quality [your niche]? Follow the link:
[Your town] boutique
🌟 We're here to make your [your product/service] dreams come true. Let's make magic happen:
Neighborhood nook
Yo, it's [your name]! Get ready for some serious [your specialty]. Warning: our feed may cause extreme cravings and major FOMO! 🍔🎉
Local loot
Hello, sunshine! We're [your names], here to brighten your day with our [your product/service]. Let's sprinkle some joy into your life! 🌞💫
Charm shop
Hey hey! We're passionate about [your niche] and can't wait to share our latest [your product/service] with you:
Quaint crafts corner
We're [your names], your new obsession for [your specialty]. Get ready for a wild ride filled with [adjective like "bold" or "trendy"] vibes! 🚀🔥
Homespun harbor
Welcome to [your brand name], where every day is a celebration of creativity. Bring a touch of magic into your life! ✨ Follow the link:
Handmade haven shop
Hey, dreamers! 🌈 Whether you're here for [your product/service] or some inspiration, you're sure to find it here. Follow the link:

Bio ideas for a clothing business

If you sell clothing apparel items, small business bio ideas from this part are for you.

Chic threads boutique
💫💖 Embrace your unique style with chic and affordable apparel just for you. Choose what suits your style:
Style savvy emporium
👔 Our fashion-forward pieces designed for the modern trendsetter will have you dressed to impress 💃 Create your fashion look:
Trendy closet finds
👗 Fashion for all
🌟Step into style paradise with our latest collection of fashion-forward pieces:
Accessory avenue shop
Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style in our range of cozy yet fashionable outfits:
Glamour garb hub
Where comfort meets elegance ✨👠 Diverse range of statement pieces and wardrobe staples awaits:
Couture Charm Store
Redefine fashion effortlessly with our versatile collection spanning casual cool to elegant chic 😎👌
Fashion boutique
💥 Be bold. Be you.
😎 Let our edgy apparel pieces speak volumes about your style without saying a word.
Shop now:
Elegance ensemble
Your go-to destination for on-trend fashion that won't break the bank 💸 Shop by the link:
Wardrobe wonderland
Explore our commitment to sustainability with ethically sourced garments that redefine fashion 🌎🌿 Follow the link:
Luxe looks empire
Inclusive fashion 🌈Curating the perfect blend of style and comfort for every body type:

Bio ideas for a beauty product business

If you run a small business selling cosmetics, you can use bio ideas from this part.

Glow and go
It's all about glow 💄✨
Bringing out your natural beauty with our cosmetics:
Luxe beauty haven
Beauty is our passion, quality is our promise 🌿💕
Empower confidence through clean beauty essentials:
Glamour luxe
Beauty is not just skin deep, it's a lifestyle.
Unlock your inner radiance with our beauty products:
Bloom and blush beauty
Cruelty-free, clean, and oh-so-beautiful 🐰💖Discover your new beauty obsession in the one-stop shop for all things beautiful:
Radiant glow cosmetics
Unlock your inner glow with our handcrafted beauty essentials 🌟💋 Treat yourself with our beauty products:
Enchant beauty emporium
Made with love for your selfcare.
Small batch, big impact 🌸✨ Elevate your beauty routine with our artisanal products:
Belle fleur beauty
💫💄 Your go-to destination for all things beauty. From skincare to makeup, we've got you covered. Discover the magic in every jar and bottle:
Pure radiance cosmos
🌱🌟 Where beauty meets sustainability.
Embrace eco-friendly glamor with our beauty product collections:
Velvet glow beauty
🌹💄 Where beauty begins and confidence shines.
Explore our range of luxurious, cruelty-free products:
Blissful boutique beauty
Indulge in self-care with our pampering beauty essentials, because you deserve it 🛁💖Follow the link:

Bio ideas for a home product business

If you sell home products, small business bio ideas from this part are just for you.

Cozy nest decor
🏡✨ Welcome to your one-stop shop for stylish and functional home products! We have everything you need to make your house feel like a home:
Home bliss boutique
We specialize in high-quality home products that are both affordable and chic ✨ Transform your space with our unique decor and accessories:
Sweet home treasures
Discover the perfect blend of form and function with our collection of home products designed to elevate your living space while meeting your everyday needs:
Urban nest goods
🌟 Make your home your sanctuary.
🌟 From luxurious bedding to statement-making wall art, we have something for every style and budget:
Dream home furnish
🏡 We believe that a well-appointed home is the key to a happy life 🏡
Create a space that reflects your personality and enhances your daily routine:
Casa craftery
Transforming houses into homes 🌻🌟
Our collection of home products includes everything from functional kitchen gadgets to stylish accent pieces:
Hearthand home decor
Hi, we are [your names], and we're passionate about helping you create a home that you love. Shop our home products:
Homey finds
🏡 Home products that inspire, elevate, and delight 🌟
Discover the perfect home products to express your unique style:
Comfort cove collections
🌻 Adding warmth and personality to your living spaces 🌻
We have everything you need to refresh your space:
Home vibe zone
Creating the perfect backdrop for your cherished moments 🌟✨
We believe that great design should be accessible to everyone. Shop our affordable home products:

Bio ideas for a tech business

If you sell smartphones, computers, laptops, and similar things, choose a small business bio idea from this part.

Geeky galaxy
Empowering tech enthusiasts with cutting-edge gadgets & gear 🚀
Your go-to source for innovative solutions:
Tech evolution
💻🔋 Innovation is our currency, technology is our tool, and customer satisfaction is our goal. Welcome the future with our products:
Tech thrive shop
Building bridges between ideas and innovation. Your one-stop shop for all things tech 🛒 Elevate your digital lifestyle:
Tech tide market
🌟 Small but mighty! We disrupt the tech market with our innovative solutions and passion for all things digital. Shop now:
Gadget guild
🌐 As a small business in the big world of technology, we're dedicated to making a difference with our unique products and personalized support.
Byte bazaar
🔓🔌 We are here to promote the next generation of tech solutions.
Discover the future with our range of products:
Techtopia market
🌎🔧Shaping the future through innovation and technology.
💡 Simplify your life with our smart solutions:
Tech revolution
💻 Groundbreaking tech solutions 💥
Dive into endless possibilities with us:
Byte bonanza
Tech enthusiasts, welcome! We are creating waves of change in the digital landscape here 🌊💻 Check out our tech:
Digital dreamland
🔥 Leading the way towards a brighter, tech-driven future 💡 From smart home devices to cutting-edge gadgets, we have it all:

Bio ideas for a food and beverage business

If your small business falls into the food and beverage category, you can choose a social bio idea from this part.

Pastry shop
😊 Hi, we are the Smiths 🥧
Pastry baked with love, served with a smile
Here is how to find us:
Tortilla treats
A little bit of spice, a whole lot of flavor! 🔥👅
Handcrafted eats from our kitchen to your table:
Vino Vista store
In wine, there's truth — and sometimes a little mischief 🍷😉
Shop now with free delivery:
Fiesta time
Creating masterpieces for foodies in [your city] 🍴🎨
Taste the difference with our fresh, homemade dishes:
Cheesy farm in [your city]
There's no such thing as too much cheese! 🧀
Here is how to find us ⬇️
Flavorique | Green vibe
From farm to table 🌱🍅
Bringing the taste of home to you. Shop fresh vegetables:
Urban food
Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness 😊🍕
Fresh, flavorful, and always made with care. Explore the true German cuisine:
Foodie fusion house
Life's too short for bad food and boring drinks 🍹✨
Serving up deliciousness since [year]! Order now ⬇️
Gourmify desserts
Life is short, eat the dessert first... and then have another! 🍨🎉Try quality ingredients & unforgettable flavors:
Chimirado cafe
Authentic French dishes. Traditional recipes.
In a world full of trends, we're creating classics 🌟🥐
If you run a cafe, restaurant, or coffee shop, you may want to create a QR code menu for your place.

What small brands should include in their bio

A custom small business bio works better on all social networks — Instagram, TikTok, etc. You know your brand better, so you can make a more precise brand presentation in your bio. Besides, you know your audience's specific triggers, and you can use them to make your brand presentation more compelling.

Here are a few tips on how to write your custom small business bio for building an audience and a strong connection with it:

  • Add a personal touch. Include details like your team member names, your priorities, what you like, etc.
  • Storytelling. Say when you started, what motivated you, or other details in your small business bio.
  • Local emphasis. If you have an offline shop or deliver within a specific region, add the location name.
  • Advantages and features. Say why users should choose you and not your rivals.

If you want to know more about how to write a bio for a small business, here is a guide on building a good business bio for Instagram.

The bottom line

Now you have a choice of small business bio ideas for your social profles. And you can find even more among Instagram bio ideas for dropshipping. Choose what's bes for you!

Remember to add a link in bio page for a more comprehensive and compelling brand presentation.