How to write product descriptions that sell

Social Media Specialist
Updated 16 April, 2024
Lauren Taylor
Social Media Specialist
You may be good at snapping pictures to present your product. And that actually may be enough to make Instagram users buy. But you still need to write a good product description for finicky prospects especially if you sell on various platforms and marketplaces. We will tell you how to make up a compelling and persuasive text that people will read and not skip. At the end, you will find a tip on how to make a post caption sell.
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What is a good product description?

A product description is a text that tells readers about a product, obviously. It usually includes its main features and specifications. The text helps people to decide whether they should buy the product.

A good product description for you as a seller is the one that makes users decide to buy. And if it explains why the product is the best of its kind for the prospects, it will make them buy. Thus, your description should clearly highlight the advantages to be effective. 

A good product description is easy to read and understand. Avoid dry facts, use a friendly tone and write an entertaining text instead. Consider your audience's education, age, and interest. These will help you to find the words that reach them.

Here are examples of effective product descriptions that users write in Instagram shops.

You can write a product description that sells even if you don't have writing skills, though they could be very handy. Let's see how to do this.

6 tips to write product descriptions that sell

Features and specifications are what you write in a product description. But if you want a good description that sells, you need to pack them right. Follow the tips below for this. 

1. Be more like a friend

You believe what your friend says about a product more than what a seller writes in a product description. That's because you know your friend cares about you and understands what you need. At the same time, you are likely to think a seller just wants your money.

And your prospects think in the same way.

Your product description will be more persuasive if you show you understand and care about them. The intention to make their life happier should be more obvious than the intention to sell. 

Being a fiend is only possible if you focus on a narrow audience. Then, you can add jokes they like, use words they speak, write stories and describe problems they can relate to. Write for your target audience.

2. Write about the clients, not about yourself

Write about your clients, not about the product in the description. Do not talk up your product pouring numbers and recounting all the features. Your clients do not care about your product, they care about their needs. 

All the features you write in a product description should correspond with the clients' needs. Explain how your product can make them happier and make their life better. People love reading about themselves!

3. Call to the clients' imagination

Here are sales psychology tips you can use to write a product description that catches and attracts. The desire to own a thing becomes much stronger when a person has it in their hands. If you sell online, you can't hand a product over, but you can make them imagine this.

Make a person believe they already own your product using all five senses. Start your product description with the picture. Make a user visualize what they will look like using the product. Don't forget about the touch, hearing, smell, taste. For example, describe the softness and warmth of wool a user can sense holding your blanket in their hands.

Storytelling works as well when you write a product description that engages the imagination. Here you also tell them about their experience. Start with the exciting anticipation arousing once they tapped the buy button. Continue with the delight appearing with the product unpacking. Round it off with the pleasure of using the product or happy-ever-after with having it. 

Don't skimp on details, describe all the best moments! Then you'll write a great product description that sells.

4. Use power words

Use some magic when you write a product description to make it effective. The magic spells are the so-called power words. You certainly read these power words. You may have even spotted them in texts because they draw attention.

Here are examples of the power words you can use for writing a catchy product description:

  • Breathtaking;
  • Double;
  • Dramatic;
  • Empowering;
  • Extra;
  • Great;
  • Heartbreaking;
  • Huge;
  • Irresistible;
  • Memorable;
  • Now;
  • Never;
  • Secret;
  • Thrilling.

The power words in descriptions make people want your product. There are two reasons for this.

Power words are precise. Prospects read just one word and get information about the product parameters, what it can do. These can replace 1-2 compelling sentences.

Power words are relatable. The words tell users about their sensations, emotions, or experience. You already know from the previous tips how writing about clients works.  

So, you must use power words. Right? Yes, but...

5. Be concrete and add details

Vague phrases in your product description must be decrypted and deciphered. Promising words like "excellent quality" or "perfect design" in fact mean that either the seller knows nothing about the product or doesn't want to tell you anything. But details will give sense to these power words and make them even more compelling.

Be concrete to write an effective product description. Choose the main advantages of your product and spell them out with facts. If you say something is good or perfect, say why you dare to say so. And give science-driven proofs rather than opinions.

Here is an example. Assume you are a bag tycoon who's built his empire on leather briefcases. And you need to write a description for your best-seller product. You choose to highlight that it is sturdy as the main advantage.

In this example case, you can write "excellent quality" to add power words in the product description. Then, explain the briefcases are made of real leather which is known for durability. You may go further and be even more precise. Write "buffalo leather" and explain it is considered to be strong enough to withstand a lifetime of use.

6. Speak your audience's vocabulary

Use the words that your audience speaks when you write a product description. Users can know your product is the best only if they can understand the words you used to say this. 

You may need to avoid scientific terms and figures. Then, they can understand you without effort. Or on the contrary, you should add more terms and figures to be precise. You may also use slang or avoid it. Use the vocabulary your audience uses.

Let's look at an example. You want to promote a smartphone from Amazon in an Instagram post. So you need to add a product description in the caption. Your audience is not deep into computers and technologies.

In this case, a good product description should not include a lot of figures and technical terms. The number of megapixels, whatever big it is, won't tell them anything. Instead, explain that the camera enables making high-resolution videos, which means clear pictures and smooth videos. These are the words your audience understands.

7. Write descriptions that are easy to read

The only way to make a user read about your product is to give them a readable description. Don't make them think hard on your text. No one comes to a marketplace or social network for exerting themselves.

Use these tips to write a readable product description:

  • Divide information into small parts. Users have a short attention span. A five-line paragraph exhausts people on the internet. And all that is written further is left without attention. That's why you need to write shorter paragraphs in your product description.
  • Diverse text formatting. Use lists whenever you can, and highlight main ideas using different font weights and styles. These help to understand the ideas quicker and with less effort. 
  • Add emojis if they fit the text tone. Users can gaze at these vibrant pics to have a rest while reading your product description. For instance, they make your product description catchy and attractive. But most importantly, they prevent users' exhaustion. 

Create a template for your product descriptions

If you use our tips every time you write a product description for your shop, you notice at some point that your texts are similar. The thing is you have to answer the same questions for similar people. That's why describing products from your shop can be put into a pattern.

Answer the questions below to create a product description template. You don't have to make up sentences. Just write the main points and ideas about your product. 

  • What problems does it help to solve?
  • Who needs it?
  • How to use it?
  • What are its features?
  • What would you tell your friend about it?

You may want to rearrange the questions. Start your product description with the most important. What is the greatest thing about your product? If it is much easier to use than what your rivals offer, then say about it at the beginning, not in the middle.

The next step is to decide which details are the most important to your audience. Your product may have a hundred features, but the audience does not necessarily want or need to know all of them. 

Think what are the details that can help users to decide whether they should buy or not. This is what you should write in a product description. Spell them out to make the template into text.

How to make a product description on social networks sell

On social networks, you usually write product descriptions in posts. And there appears a problem. You have no buy button near it, and usually can't even add a link. But you certainly need to direct the prospects to a page where they can buy your product, otherwise, they never turn into buyers.

Add a link in bio page to your bio and link to it in Instagram post captions. This is a page where you can place information about your product, and also opt-in forms, buy, book, contact buttons. Such pages make purchases on social media as simple as possible for your prospects.

You can add a link to this page in your bio on Instagram or any other network. Then, you can direct users to follow it in the post captions where you can't add a link. Thus, your prospects can clearly know how to buy your product from the description.

This is how it looks. When you write a product description, you add a call to action like "Link in bio". Users follow the link and get to your lead generation page. 

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We recommend creating your page on Taplink because it gives you all the tools to design a selling page. Besides, it has templates that make creating pages a matter of minutes. Here is an example of how to use the templates: making a photography portfolio.

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To sum it up

The most important thing when you write a product description that sells is to know and understand your audience. It all starts with the question of who you write for, what they need and care about. If you can answer these questions right, you have all chances to make up a compelling product text that your prospects can't resist, and they buy. 

When you write a product description for a social media post, don't forget about a lead generation page. This is what makes a regular text into a great selling text. Create your page on Taplink