How to copy captions and comments on Instagram | iPhone, Android, PC or Mac

Julia Moore
An Instagram app doesn't provide for copying post captions and comments. From this article, you will learn how to bypass this restriction and easily copy Instagram texts on any devices.
Reading time — 5 minutes

2 ways to copy Instagram captions and comments

If you're looking for ways how to copy a comment or a post caption on Instagram, we want to give you detailed instruction on that with screenshots for better understanding. Choose one that the most appropriate for you — from a browser app on the phone or a desktop Instagram site. In case, if you wish to share not only text part but the whole post, read our article about the repost ways.

Please note: mobile browser steps are the same for Android and iPhone.

Way #1: using a mobile browser on your phone

01. Open Instagram and choose the post.

02. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the publication.

03. Hit Copy link.

04. Open a mobile browser. Add a copied link to a search bar.

05. Tap Go.

06. You can see the Instagram post that you chose. Tap somewhere in the text and hold on till you see the buttons.

07. Then, choose the needed part of the text by the two buttons that you can see at the beginning and end.

08. Next, tap Copy.

Way #2: using a desktop browser on your PC or Mac

There are no limits for caption copying via the Instagram desktop site.

01. Open a post.

02. Select the text fragment that you want to copy. Left-click, hold on and move a computer mouse to change the highlighted area. Press Ctrl+C.

How to use copied captions and comments

Instagram users copy Instagram captions or comments for various reasons. Here, we want to mention some of them.

  • Share only a part of the whole post with other people.
  • A group of people holds a giveaway on Instagram, so each of them have to make a post with the same caption. It's easier to copy a text from one account and share it with other members. You can add posts both in the app and Instagram browser version. 
  • Add comments as examples of feedback on your site. If you don't have it, use Taplink. It's an advanced bio tool that helps people tell about themselves using texts, icons, designs, photos, videos, share their messengers, socials, and links to websites. Add a caption from your own post if it's really important for you or place positive comments about your products if you're an owner of an online shop, for instance. Sign up and start creating a stunning landing page!
Please note: avoid copying captions from other users' posts to create your own! An author of this post can report on you. Instagram will estimate it as an intellectual property violation, so your page can be banned.

Let's recap

Now, you know how to copy captions and comments from mobile and desktop browsers. Don't use these texts for creating a post. Paste copied comments or captions from your own posts to Taplink to share information with your followers that seems to you important.

Write in the comments — what other ways to copy information on Instagram do you know?