How to tag someone on Instagram stories, posts, comments

Julia Moore
Tagging on Instagram comes in handy for both users of personal and business accounts. You can tag your friends in the comments, posts, or stories. Business accounts can use it for promotion of their projects, goods, and services. In this article, we carry out a detailed review of how you can tag a person in a photo/video, mention someone in the comments, and also how to see who tagged you.
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How to tag someone in the comments

Tagging in comments is called a mention on Instagram. It can prove useful if you wish to draw users' attention to a post or a conversation under it. The username of the selected person will be displayed in the comments after mention. This user will receive a notification to quickly go to the post. If you want to keep your comment at the first position, you can pin it. Read it in our article how to do it

  1. Tap @ and write a username.
  2. When you see the list of people, choose the right one.
  3. Add text if you want it, then tap Post.

How to tag someone in a post

If you want to share a photo or video where your friends are present, you can tag them in your post. In this case, the post will contain links to the profile of users. If your account isn't private, these people will get a notification that you've just made a post.

Tagging before posting

  1. Upload a photo on Instagram, adjust the colors and apply filters if you wish. Then choose Tag person.
  2. Then tap the screen.
  3. Add usernames of people who you want to mention. When you see tags on the photo, you can move them to the appropriate places.
  4. Tap Done. 
  5. Hit Share to post your photo or video.

Tagging after posting

  1. Choose the photo where you want to add tags. 
  2. Tap three dots and choose Edit.
  3. Hit Tag people icon and tap the photo to add people. When tags appear on the picture, you can replace them as you want.
  4. Tap Done.

How to tag someone in Instagram stories

Instagram allows you to mention someone not only in the posts, but also in the stories. You can do it with a special sticker or @. Choose the way you like the most.

Using a sticker

  1. Tap + in the top of your screen or swipe right in the Feed. Add a photo or video.
  2. Then tap on the sticker icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Choose @mention. 
  4. Start typing a username and choose the needed one when his/her profile appears on the screen. Move the added sticker where you want. You can pinch to resize it. Add so many users as you wish.
  5. When you're ready, post it.

Using @ symbol

  1. Tap + in the top of your screen or swipe right in the Feed. 
  2. Add a photo or video. 
  3. Tap on the screen, add @ and start typing a username. 
  4. When you see the list of users, choose a required one. 
  5. Tap Done to publish the story.

How to see who mentioned me

Other users can mention you too. If you want, you can delete these tags. You can see such posts in the special section of your profile.

  1. Open your account and tap on the right icon under the Bio.
  2. If you want to delete tags, tap on the photo and hit three dots.
  3. Choose Tag options. 
  4. Tap Remove Me from Post.

Use tags for promotion

To promote in the online sphere, companies use Instagram tags to attract users' attention. This feature also makes it possible to link two accounts to each other. Many commercial projects have two or more profiles that relate to the same topic, but differ by some criteria. If you have a shop on Instagram, we recommend you to tag your product, so users can easily get to know the price.

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Let's recap

Now you perfectly know how to mention someone in the comments, posts, and stories. You can freely publish photos and introduce followers to your friends or just interesting people from your environment. If you're looking for ways of promotion, we advise you to pay attention to the multilink service Taplink.

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