How to delete a comment on Instagram — yours and others'

Julia Moore
If you don’t like what people write under your photos and videos, or you’ve changed your mind about your words, you got to the right page. Here we tell how to delete a comment on Instagram.
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How to delete comments

In your Instagram profile you can remove your and other users’ comments under posts, Reels and IGTV videos. 

In profiles of other users you can delete comments in the same sections, but only those you wrote.

The section with photos and videos that you were tagged on is also on your profile page. But you can erase only your comments there. 

You can delete a comment on Instagram using the app or a browser. Yours and others’ comments are removed the same way. 

From the app

First of all, open an Instagram publication with a comment that you want to delete. 

  1. Tap the speech bubble icon. The full list can also be opened by tapping the View all (number) comments at the bottom. 
  2. On Android: long tap a comment to call a menu. On iOS: swipe it to the left.
  3. Tap the trash can icon. 

The comment has been deleted. There appears a notification about it for 3 seconds with the Undo button. If you don’t get the comment back during the time, you will never get it back. 

A user is not notified when you delete their comment. They can know it only if they start looking for it purposely. 

From a web browser

You can delete a comment on Instagram in a web browser using a phone or a computer. 

From a phone:

  1. Open a comments section. 
  2. Long tap a comment on Android or swipe it to the left on iOS.
  3. Choose Delete. 

From a computer:

  1. Open the three dots.
  2. Click Delete. 

Even if you prefer the app, the browser method is worth your attention. Use a mobile or desktop browser when you can't find a comment you want to remove in an active discussion. 

  1. Open the three dots menu.
  2. Click Find in page.
  3. Type a username, or a word if you remember what the comment was.

The found text will be highlighted with a vivid color right on a page. 

To call the search window in a desktop browser, use the keys combination "Ctrl" + "F".

Learn how to post from a PC or Mac, if you find using a computer more convenient. 

How to delete several comments at a time

Comments you want to remove are often of the same author, or under the same publication. You can delete Instagram comments falling under these criteria, and also set deleting by words.

All comments under a post, Reel, IGTV

Turn off commenting on an Instagram publication to delete all comments left under it. Users won’t be able to add new ones.

  1. Tap the three dots.
  2. Make the Turn Off Commenting button active. 
Reels and IGTV comments sections are connected with those under their previews. Turning off comments under the full versions, you turn them off under the previews too, and vice versa. 

If you need other people’s opinion again, turn on the comments following the same directions. The Turn On button will be where the Turn Off button was. Old comments will appear again. 

There is no button which enables turning off comments to all your Instagram publications at a time. If you have the necessity, you have to turn it off one by one. What you can remove in one go are comments of a user or containing specific words. 

All user’s comments

Block a user to erase all their comments in your profile. The user will not write anything under your content again, simply because he or she won’t find it or your profile on Instagram.

  1. Long tap a comment (Android). Swipe it to the left (iOS).
  2. Choose the icon with an exclamation mark. 
  3. Tap Block username. 

The comments of the user won’t be recovered after you unblock them.

Restrict a user

There is a less drastic measure, you can restrict a user’s actions. Thus, you can filter their bad comments, but at the same time you don’t have to delete the good ones or hide content.

A restricted user can view your photos and videos, and even express their opinion under them. But the comments will be visible for you two only. If you consider it necessary, you can make them visible for other Instagram users manually. 

To restrict a user:

  1. Tap a comment (Android). Swipe it to the left (iOS).
  2. Choose the icon with an exclamation mark. 
  3. Tap Restrict username. 

Old user’s comments remain in your profile. Comments written while a user is restricted are displayed only for you two even after you unrestrict the user. 

Comments auto deleting

Set a list of words which will be a signal to Instagram to delete a comment. You and other users won't even know they were under your publications. The comments will be visible only for the author. 

  1. Open the Privacy settings from your profile page.
  2. Choose Hidden Words. 
  3. Tap Add to list in the Manage Custom List section. 
  4. Write words, phrases, emoji.
  5. Tap Add.
  6. Make the button Hide Comments active in the Manage Custom Word List section. 

Comments with the specified words or their changed forms are deleted from the visible in your Instagram profile. They will also be automatically deleted in future as soon as they appear.

If you are the person who leaves comments with these words or emoji, they will be visible for you and all the other users.

The Hide Comments button in the Hide Offensive Content section is responsible for the auto hiding comments that don’t violate the Terms Of Use, but may be inappropriate. The button is active by default. But check it if you see offensive words and obscenities under your publications.

When you delete a word or emoji from the Hidden Words list, comments with them are displayed in your profile again. 

The bottom line

Now you know how to delete a comment on Instagram. On your profile page, you can remove both yours and others’ comments. On other instagrammers pages you erase only yours. Don’t jump to the deleting, you can’t recover them later.

Comments are also irrecoverably erased when you block a user. In this case everything the user wrote under your content disappears forever.

You can hide comments with particular words or under a publication. Unlike manual deleting, they are deleted only from displayed in your profile, and you can get them back. 

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