Image carousel

How to add an Image carousel to your Taplink page

In this guide, we explain how to add an Image carousel to your Taplink page. Follow the instructions to add and adjust a carousel. Or you can go right to the instructions you need:

An Image carousel is what lets you show multiple images, taking less space on your page. You can add a description and a link to each image. This is how it looks on Taplink pages:

Add the Image carousel block

You can add an Image carousel if you have a Pro or Business plan. Choose one of these plans if you haven't done it yet.

You can add an Image carousel in your Taplink account:

  1. Tap Add block.
  2. Select Image carousel.

How to add an image to the carousel

Upload the first image to the carousel. Tap Upload image and select an image on the device.

Add a new image to the carousel:

  1. Tap + New slide.
  2. Tap Upload image and select an image on your device.

Add more images in the same way if necessary. There can be up to 15 images in an Image carousel. This is what a carousel with multiple images looks like:

Select an image slide for editing

Switch to the image slide you want to edit. Swipe slides to the right or left, or tap a relevant dot under slides.

Add text to the image slides

You can add titles and descriptions to slides. First of all, turn on Add description:

After that, the new fields Headline and Description appear under slides. Fill in these fields under every single slide.

This is how a carousel with headlines and descriptions looks on a Taplink page:

You can add links under images. Activate Add link for this:

Now new fields Link text, Action, and Website have appeared under each slide. Note, if you turn on Add Link, then you need to specify a link for each slide.

Add a link to the current image slide:

  1. Specify the displayed link text.
  2. In the Action list, select what will happen when users tap the link. We chose to direct users to a web page.
  3. Paste a link.

Add links to other image slides in the same way. This is how a carousel with links looks on the page:

Set the image size

You can choose the size of the images. The size is applied to all images in the carousel.

Choose the image size in the Image size menu:

Automate slide transition

Slides can advance to the next one automatically. Enable this in the Automatic slide transition section. Tap the box next to Enable. In the field on the left, you can set the time during which a slide displays before it advances to the next one.

Now the slides change each other after the specified time. The last slide advances to the first one in the carousel, and then all the slides are shown again in the same order.

Well, you can call it a day now, an Image carousel has been added. A row of image slides with texts and links has appeared on the page. Next, we explain additional settings for accurate adjustment.

How to delete an image

If you don't need an image slide in your carousel anymore, delete it. Switch to it and then tap the trash icon on the image.

If you want to delete the entire Image carousel from your page, read how to do this here.

Customize the carousel design

You can customize the carousel design. Go to the Settings tab for this:

There you can see the following design settings:

  • Customize your design adjustments.
  • Remove border.
  • Display side slides on PC.

Customize your design adjustments

Choose the colors of the carousel elements:

  1. Turn on Customize your design adjustments.
  2. Select the colors in the fields that appeared.

Remove border

Activate Remove border to remove the carousel outline:

Display side slides on PC

Activate Display side slides on PC, then users will see the previous and next slides on the left and right of the current slide when viewing the page from a computer.

This is how slides are displayed on a computer if the side slides are enabled:

Advanced settings

In addition to the design settings, the Settings tab also has the display and navigation settings.

Display settings

You can enable or disable the display of an Image carousel on the page. Read how to:

You can add a link to your site menu that directs users to the Image carousel. You need to set the carousel block name for this. Here you can read how to create a menu and add items for specific blocks to it.

Now you know how to add and adjust the Image carousel block so you can create a carousel for your page. Show your products and services from different angles using it. Also, add Messaging app buttons so that users can contact you and buy the product or service.


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