Multiple internal pages

What it’s needed for?

Let’s say you’ve created a business card-page with information about you and with links on your projects. It might be, that it became too heavy because of a wealth of information. Using a Business plan, you can solve this issue. Just create separated pages (they also called internal pages or second-level pages). For example, “Social networks and messengers”, “My articles”, “Video lessons”, “More about me” and so on.

This function can be especially useful for those who use Instagram for selling: you can create separated pages with your goods and services for the convenience of users.

Adding a page

Choose “Add new block” – “Page”. In the field “Page title” fill its name and click “Save”. You will be kept going to a new page which you can fill with blocks as the main page.

To return on the home page click on “Main page” in the upper part of the interface.

To move to page configurations from the main page using the grey button right to the page block.

To delete the block with a link on a page click on it and chose “delete”. Important: you will delete only the block from the main page, but not the page. Read below how to delete the page itself.

Where to find all your pages

Click a green button (near your link) and you’ll see the list of all your pages and you can switch between them. There is also a button for creating a new page. It can be useful when you want to create a page but don’t want to add a link to it on the main page yet. You can always do it later (“add new block” – “page” – choose the required one).

Pages configurations

If you want to receive a link on the second-level page, just open it for editing and you’ll see the link above. Click on a blue button “settings”, there you can easily copy the link, change a page’s name or delete it.

Block configurations

By click on the page block, you can see all its settings: they are similar with settings of the other blocks. In configurations you can turn of the visibility of the block or show it on schedule. 

What else: