Application and Payment form

Well, you’re selling something on Instagram and would like to use Taplink for accepting orders and payments. It’s not difficult, but you need to have a BUSINESS rate plan.

Now we are going to tell you how to create an application form, payment form, training course registration form, etc. (there are many options of using the form).

It’s more convenient to place the form on a separate page (but it’s not necessary). We have already told you how to create additional (internal) pages on the previous help section.

Order Form

Click on the “Add new block”, then on “Forms and payments”. By default, the fields “Name” and “Email” are displayed. You also can choose other options:

  • String (for example, city, address, additional phone number)
  • Number (the field is designed only for a figure, for example, house/apartment number, floor, age, necessary amount of products)
  • List (for example, you can list available product colors and client could choose the suitable one)
  • Checkbox (a customer can choose some option, for example, “I would like to pick up” or “I would like to receive shop news”)
  • Select (it is the same as List, but you need to tick appropriate box, i.e not to select in drop-down menu; it is more suitable for 2 or 3 points, otherwise it will take too much space on the page)
  • Country (country selection from a list)

You can note every field as required one (i.e a form won’t work if a customer doesn’t fill in it). The option “Default” is available for the field “Checkbox”.

What else: