Media and text

How to add and configure "Media and text" block

1) Click "Add block" to add a block. Select "Media and text".

2) Fill in the "Headline" and "Text" fields.

3) Click the icon to choose an icon from the library, or click the "Image" tab to upload your own image.

Please note:
— use English to search for the icon;
— when uploading your own image, it will be cropped at a ratio of 1 to;
— uploading your own images is available on paid plans. You can choose a plan on the Pricing page.

4) Choose a text size.

5) Customize icon design. Choose the style, shape, size and color.

6) To add more items click "Add new item".

7) On the Settings tab you can change the general settings for the block: "Hide block", "Show according to schedule", "Show by days of the week".

8) On the Section tab, you can customize the design for the block. Read more about this feature on the page How to create a catchy landing with a new Taplink tool "Section" in our blog.