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How do I connect my domain?

To get a link like, you need to register a domain with any of the registrars, then

1. Click on the "Publish" button (above your page)
2. Click on "Choose your own domain name"
3. Enter your domain name and click "Connect"

To complete the settings in the domain settings on the registrar-side, you must change the DNS servers to, 

How do I confirm the domain for Facebook?

You can confirm ownership of a domain for Facebook only if you have connected your domain to taplink (bought your domain from the registrar and linked it to taplink). Confirm ownership of the link of the form is not possible under any circumstances. There are over 2 million different pages on the domain. Buying your own domain for Facebook confirmation is mandatory.

You can confirm the rights to the domain connected to Taplink through the Meta tag (select this method of confirmation, not a file or dns record) by placing it in Settings - General - Insert HTML code.

When I enter the required DNS servers, my registrar writes that they are not available. What should I do?

If and try to enter the following DNS:

Is it possible to connect a subdomain and how to do it?

To connect a subdomain, you need to make a record on your domain's DNS servers like

subdomain CNAME

(instead of "subdomain" use desired subdomain name. In the screenshot it's "tap")

Wait 2-4 hours (to update the DNS zone) and specify your subdomain in Taplink. Click the "Check DNS" button to complete the subdomain binding.

I want to use my NS servers for the domain, is that possible?

No, our service is designed to use our NS servers. We do not guarantee the stable operation of any functions if the connection is different from the recommended one.

We strongly recommend not to use settings related to explicit IP-addresses, because they can change. Any functionality is not guaranteed.

How do I confirm domain ownership for Google services?

To confirm that the domain belongs to you, add the necessary meta tags in Settings - General - HTML code and perform Google validation.

You can only confirm the second level domain, the link, most likely, will not be able to be confirmed.

Do I need to buy hosting?

No, it is enough to register a domain and make DNS settings. Taplink acts as a hosting service

How do I edit DNS records?

The records necessary for Taplink to work with the linked domain are created automatically. If necessary, you can add any DNS records of your own, to do that: Publish -> "Action" button -> Zone management.

How to change the title (page title), set the description and keywords?

The page title and description for search engines can be placed in

Settings - General - SEO

The rest can be added via HTML code in meta tag format (keywords are listed separated by commas).

<meta name="keywords" content="Keywords, words"/>