Interior design bio for Instagram — 40+ ideas

Content Marketer and Writer
Updated 28 May, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Creating an interior design bio for Instagram is a lot like arranging a room. You should add something to catch an eye and keep it functional. In this article, you can find catchy bio ideas to copy and paste and tips for writing an attractive custom bio. You can also find an explanation of what link in your bio can convert more followers into clients.
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A good interior design bio for Instagram should include:

  • Compelling text. Say that you create interior designs and that your followers should tap the link to find more information and book your consultation. Below you can find ready texts and tips for creating a custom text to say this.
  • Converting link. You should direct your followers to the next step on their way to becoming your clients. For some followers, the next step is looking for more info, and for others, it is scheduling a consultation. Read how to give each user what they need with a single link below.

Look at an example. The first screenshot shows an interior designer's bio on Instagram with compelling text and a converting link. The second screenshot shows a page that opens after a user taps the link.

Instagram profile page of an interior designerTaplink page made for interiodesigner’s bio on Instagram

Here you can view the full page shown in the second screenshot.

40+ ideas for interior design bio on Instagram to copy and paste

Here are fun and cool ideas for interior design bio on Instagram. They are good for designers, design studios, home decor, and other interior-focused accounts. Just copy the idea you like and paste it into your profile bio.

Cozy Crafter
Creating spaces that breathe 🌿🏠
Ready to breathe life into your space? Book a consultation ⬇️
Interior Enthusiast
😎 Designing spaces that are cooler than the other side of the pillow!
Book a consultation 👇
Bold Interiors Studio
😎 Crafting interiors that are as cool as they are beautiful!
Discover more & schedule a session:
Charm Creator
Bringing charm to modern homes 🏡 
Let's design your dream space together. More info on my Taplink:
Urban Nest
⚡️ Designing for life
⚡️ Transforming spaces on a budget
Enhance your space, schedule a consult now ⬇️
✨ Creating interiors so fabulous, they make unicorns jealous! 🦄 Ready to transform your space? Let's get started:
Funky Design
🌟 Design it, live it 🌟 
Explore more and request a design solution ⬇️
Boho Designery
🔥 Creating interiors that make the ordinary seem downright boring! 🔥
Discuss your dream home with me ⬇️
Cozy vibes
🎉 Let's throw a DIY party — we bring the style, you bring the snacks! More on my Taplink:
Rocking Interior
🤩 Interior design rock star
Transform your space with interior design rock star expertise:
Luxe Living Spaces
🏠 Interior design is the art of making spaces speak without words.
Contact me for a luxe interior design 👇
Home Crafts
In the world of design, I don't just think outside the box, I redesign the box 😎
Book a free consult now ⬇️
Interior Chief
Design is like a recipe; add a dash of color, a pinch of style, and voilà!
Go on my Taplink to get your interior masterpiece ready ⬇️
Dreamy Design
🏠 Decorating is the art of turning "meh" into "wow"
Contact me to decorate your dream space:
Interior Constructor
🧩 Interior design is like a puzzle; every piece has its place to complete the picture 🧩
Let's build your perfect space:
Luxe Living
😎 Interior design is the art of making your home as cool as you are.
Call or text to make your space into an artwork ⬇️
Sunny Spaces
☀️ Designing spaces that are as cozy as a warm hug and as vibrant as a summer day!
☀️ Tap for a cozy and vibrant interior design:
Minimalist Mansion
💥 Adding personality to every space, because cookie-cutter designs are so last season! 
💥 Explore stylish home decor on my Taplink 👇
Stylish home decor
🔥 Injecting style, sass, and sophistication into every square foot! Tap to explore home decor collections:
Industrial Elegance
Welcome to the future of interiors 🔥 Pushing boundaries and redefining design norms.
Book a free consult:
Decor Delight
🌟 Crafting interiors that are living artworks ⚡️ Transform your home into a charming oasis, tap for more:
Thunder designs
⚡️🔋 Bringing a burst of energy and a touch of rebellion to every design project 🔋⚡️
Contact me for the best designs:
Scandinavian Comfort
🟢 Boldly blending colors and textures
🟢 Transforming dull rooms into Instagram-worthy spaces
Let's discuss your space transformation ⬇️
Vintage Vibes
⚜️ Blending the classic with the contemporary because rules are meant to be broken! Let's break the rules together ⬇️
Deco Dynasty
Creating spaces that leave a lasting impression
Contact me to upgrade your living space 👇
Flair Furnish
Transforming houses into personalized haven 🏠 Prepare to be wowed!
Catalogs are on my Taplink:
Boho Boutique Interiors
🏠 Turning rooms into happy places
Explore home decor collections:
Decor Elegance
💞 Curated decor to make your house a home 💞
Elevate your space with the unique decor items:
Beautiful Spaces
⭐ Bringing beauty and elegance to your living spaces ⭐ Your one-stop shop for trendy home decor 👇
Design Rebel
😎 Designing like a boss — because mediocre is not in my vocabulary!
Tap to embrace the art of interior styling:
Urban Charm
✨ Decorating is like magic: poof — and your space goes from drab to fab!
Design your dreams into reality ⬇️
Savage Style
💥 Designing fearlessly, because playing it safe is for amateurs!
Contact to discuss your interior transformation:
Daring Design
Breaking design rules like a pro to redefine luxury and style! 💥 Contact me to redefine luxury:
Home Decor Finds
Creating cozy corners and stylish spaces 🏠
Check out handpicked decor pieces to reflect your style 👇
Decor Magic
❤️ Crafting interiors that make heads turn and hearts skip a beat!
✨ Let's make some interior magic:
Home Style
✨ Sprinkle magic into your home with our decor ✨
Shop now 👇
Home Vibes
🏡 Turning houses into homes with stunning decor 💖
Shop stunning decor collections ⬇️
Stylish Spaces
Artfully crafted decor to inspire your space 🌟
Decorate your world with our home decor collections:
Inspire Interiors
Your daily dose of home decor inspiration 🖼️🌟
Shop exclusive home decor:
Home Style
Making houses feel like homes 🏡💖
Explore ever-trendy collections on my Taplink:
Home Decor Haven
Adding life into living spaces 🌿✨
Elevate your home decor game with items by the link ⬇️

Whichever interior design bio idea you choose, you also need a converting link to get clients from Instagram. Read about the link below.

A converting link in an interior design bio on Instagram is the link that makes the followers' way to becoming your clients easy. Your Taplink link is the link that makes this way short and smooth. It directs to your Taplink page where the followers can get all the answers and book a consultation.

Unlike a website with complicated code and lots of content, your Taplink page with simple code and less content:

  • loads instantly. While a website takes time to load on a smartphone, a Taplink page loads fast on all devices.
  • highlights content. While a website makes it difficult for users to focus on something particular, a Taplink page draws users' attention to key information and booking a consultation.

So, even if you have a website, you should add the Taplink way-point to your Instagram bio. Look at an example of a Taplink page that is made for an interior designer:

Call button and portfolio photos on an Instagram link in bio page made for interior designerStages of the interior design work added to a Taplink pageInstagram link in bio page with interior design pricing plans

Here is what you can add to your Taplink page:

  • Book button. Add a call, email, messaging app, or calendar button so that a user can choose the consultation date and time.
  • Portfolio. Add an image carousel with your best works so that your followers can be sure that you can do what they need.
  • Stages. Describe the stages so that the followers can make sure they are ready for everything they will have to face. They are more likely to ask for your consultation if they are not afraid of the unexpected.
  • Plans. If your interior design services are offered in packages, you can add slides with the packs' features so that their comparison and choice will be easier for followers.

And not only! You can add links to your storefronts on Amazon, LTK, etc. to make money on affiliate programs, sell digital downloads like ebooks right on your Taplink page, generate leads with opt-in forms, and many more.

How to create a page for an interior designer's Instagram bio

Creating a Taplink for an interior designer' bio on Instagram is a matter of minutes, just follow the steps:

  1. Sign up on Taplink.
  2. Choose a template. If you want to create a page similar to the one we show above, use this template.
  3. Customize your page. You can replace texts, photos, contact details, adjust the appearance, etc. It's easy with Taplink's user-friendly interface, but if you need detailed tutorials: read them here.
  4. Publish your page.

That's it. For more details, you can read the step-by-step guide on creating a Taplink page.

Then you should add the link to your interior design bio on Instagram. Also, add it to your bio on TikTok, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to convert your followers on these social networks too. Here is the guide on sharing your Taplink link on social networks.

How to write a custom interior design bio for Instagram

Custom interior design bio on Instagram converts more followers into clients. You know better than anyone what triggers make your followers want a renovation and what pain points prevent them from calling you for a consultation. So, you can affect these triggers and solve these pain points in your bio.

Here is how to create a custom interior design bio for your Instagram profile that is tailored to your followers:

  • Say what you do. For instance, say that you are an interior designer. Also, add details like your specialization, for example, residential or hospitality interior design, and the exact services you provide, for example, planning only or all the work from planning to shopping.
  • State your advantage. Say about your main competitive edge that can be a reason to choose you over other interior designers and studios on Instagram.
  • Add a call to action. Say that followers should follow the link in your bio to find more information or schedule a consultation.

The custom text for your interior designer bio on Instagram must be up to 150 characters. Add what is more likely to catch users' attention. All the rest — add to your Taplink page.

The bottom line

Now you have everything you need to make your interior design bio on Instagram great:

  • Compelling text. Copy a ready idea from the list or write your custom text following the tips.
  • Converting link. Get your Taplink page with everything your followers need to become your clients. Add the page link to your bio.

A good bio like this will be one of your advantages over the rivals on Instagram!