Real estate bio for Instagram: 30+ ideas

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Updated 13 June, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
In this article, you can find ideas for a real estate bio on Instagram, also you can find tips for writing a custom bio whether you are an individual realtor or an agency. Add to that, there is an explanation on the link that you should add to your bio to convert more followers into clients.
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In this article, you can find ideas for a real estate bio on Instagram, also you can find tips for writing a custom bio whether you are an individual realtor or an agency. Add to that, there is an explanation on the link that you should add to your bio to convert more followers into clients.

A real estate bio on Instagram includes:

  • Compelling text. It should say what you do and what your specialization is, like luxury or budget living spaces, location, etc. And it should invite users to tap the link in your bio to sell or buy real estate. Below you can find ideas to copy and paste and also tips for writing a custom text.
  • Converting link. This is a link that can give each of your followers what they need to buy or sell real estate. This can be photos of the property for rent, contact buttons, and many other things. Below we explain what link can give all these.

The first screenshot below shows an example of a compelling text and a converting link that make together a good real estate bio for Instagram for a realtor. The second screenshot shows an example of a page that opens when a realtor's follower taps the converting link.

Instagram bio of a real estate agent Taplink page made for a real estate agent’s social media profiles

Let's start with ideas for a real estate bio on Instagram that you can copy and paste to the profile in your realtor or agency profile.

Instagram bio ideas for realtors and real estate agents

Here you can find real estate bio ideas for your Instagram profile. Copy the one you like most and paste it into your profile settings.

Realtor Pro | [City]
🏡 Turning dreams into addresses 📍 [Your Location] 📞 Let's find your perfect home! Tap the link to call:
Real Estate | [Your Name]
🔑 Your key to finding the perfect home | Realtor @ [Your Company] | Expert in [Your Specialty] | 📍 [Your Location] | Text for inquiries:
Your [City] Agent
🏠 Home is where the heart is ❤️ Helping you buy, sell, invest | 📍 [Your Location]. Contact info on my Taplink:
Hometown Realtor
🌟 Making your real estate dreams come true | [Your Specialty] | 📍 [Your Location] | Contact me at [Your Contact Info] | Let's connect 👇🏻
Your Home Matchmaker
🏡 Finding your dream home, one key at a time | Realtor | [Your Company] | Specializing in [Your Specialty] | 📍 [Your Location] | 📞 Contacts info:
Happy Homes
🔑 Unlocking the door to your new home | Real Estate Professional | [Your Location] Expert | Connect with me, let's make your move 👇🏻
Realtor Next Door
🏠 Real Estate with a personal touch | Dedicated Realtor | [Your Specialty] | 📍 [Your Location] More on my Taplink:
Personal Realtor [Name]
🌟 Your trusted real estate partner | Experienced Realtor @ [Your Company] | Helping you find home sweet home | 📍 [Your Location]
Home Finder | [Your Name]
🏡 From house hunting to home sweet home | Realtor | Specializing in [Your Specialty] | 📍 [Your Location] | For inquiries 👇🏻
Smart Real Estate
🔑 Making home ownership a reality | Real Estate Agent | [Your Specialty] 📍 [Your Location] | Contact me:
Real Estate Insights
🌟 Top real estate agent in [City/Area] | Specializing in residential & commercial properties
🏠 Your dream home awaits! Tap to meet it in real:
Local Homes [City]
🏡 Local real estate expert | Passionate about [City/Area] | Helping you buy, sell, and invest in the heart of [City/Area] 📞Contact me today:
Real Estate Guru
🌆 Living and loving [City/Area] real estate | Your guide to the best homes, neighborhoods, and deals 💼 Let's connect:
Sweet Home [City]
✨ Creating happy homeowners | Dedicated to personalized service | Tap for a free consultation ⬇️
Friendly Neighbor Realtor 
😊 Making home buying and selling a breeze | Passionate about finding your perfect match | Reach out today:
Prime Property
🏰 Luxury Real Estate | Exclusive properties, exceptional service
Find the home of your dreams on my Taplink 👇🏻
Luxury Realtor in [City/Area]
Expertise in high-end properties
📞 Let's find your dream home together:
Tech-Savvy Realtor
📱 Utilizing the latest technology for your home buying and selling needs | Making real estate easier and smarter | Tap for more info:
Real Estate Innovator
🔍 Combining technology with personalized service
Let's find your perfect home with a modern approach:
Neighborhood Realtor [City]
🏡 Family is the priority Helping families find their forever homes
Search family-friendly neighborhoods on my Taplink ⬇️
Family Homes
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Your family's real estate partner | Making home buying a joyful experience for every family member | Let's find your home sweet home:
Smart Invest Realty
💼 Real Estate Investment Specialist | Helping you build wealth through smart property investments | Start now:
Wealth Builder | [Your Name]
📈 Property investments for your wealth & success
Start your journey to luxury life through real estate now:
Exclusive Properties
Guiding you every step of the way to your first home
Let's make your dream a reality ⬇️
Global Realtor
🏠 Personalized service for your home purchase 🔑
Let's get you the keys to your dream home:
Green Homes [City]
🌿 Eco-friendly real estate
♻️ Specializing in sustainable and green homes
Find your eco-friendly dream home on my Taplink:
Luxury Homes with [Your Name]
Staying ahead with the latest market insights and trends
Your trusted advisor in [City/Area] 
More on my Taplink:
Easy Move Realtor
🌟 Stress-free home buying & selling 
🔑 Simplifying your real estate deals | Your smooth move starts here ⬇️
Realtor For All | [City]
😊 Hassle-free real estate deals 🏡 Making your home buying and selling process seamless and stress-free. Let's get started:
Maven Realtor | [Your Name]
🏢 Expert in finding the perfect condo in [City/Area]. Let's find your ideal urban oasis:
Smooth Move
🏡 Single-family homes in [City/Area]. Helping you find the perfect home for your family. Contact me today:
Outdoor Enthusiast Realtor
🏞️ Helping you find homes near trails, parks, and nature 
🏡 Let's explore your next adventure home:
Active Living | [Your Name] 
🚴 Specializing in properties for active individuals and families. Let's find a house perfect for your active lifestyle ⬇️
Prestige Real Estate
🔑 Exclusive listings & off-market properties | Best homes in [City/Area] | Your inside track to luxury living
Tap to contact:
Lightning Move
⚡ Quick Closings | Efficient and effective in buying and selling homes fast | Your time is valuable | Tap to buy or sell property in [City/Area] ⬇️

Now that you have the compelling text about your real estate services for your Instagram bio, let's get to the next important part — a converting link for your bio.

A converting link in your Instagram bio is the link that helps you make your followers into your clients. Your Taplink link helps you find followers who have the intention to buy or sell a property. It directs followers to a page where they can let you know about their intention:

  • Filling out a lead-generating form. Followers can give their emails and phone numbers. You can provide useful materials in exchange for their contact info like a selling guide or list of houses on sale under a particular price, etc. Then, you email or call these followers to make a deal.
  • Tapping contact buttons. Followers can reach out to you instantly when their intention to buy or sell real estate is strong.

Look at an example of a Taplink page made a real estate agent's bio on Instagram:

Taplink page of a real estate agent for his Instagram bioTaplink page with an image carousel of properties for saleLead generation form on a page made for a real estate agent

View the full page here.

Even if you have a website, you should link to your Taplink page. Taplink improves the browsing experience for your followers. They can easily find what they need, so, they do not slip away. This is how Taplink improves the followers' experience:

  • Provides easy navigation. Your Taplink has a simple layout, that's why your followers get information gradually and won't miss anything as they scroll. Websites, on the other hand, have a complicated structure and are overloaded with content, so, followers have to make an effort to focus on something particular.
  • Is mobile-first. Taplink is always displayed correctly and loads instantly on smartphones and other devices. This is crucial since users mostly use smartphones to browse Instagram. Websites, on the other hand, may be displayed incorrectly and take time to load.

Now that you know that the converting link for your Instagram bio is the link directing to your Taplink, let's get it.

How to create a Taplink page for a real estate bio on Instagram

You can create your page on the Taplink website in a matter of minutes. The service provides ready templates for the real estate business. Just choose and customize it:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Choose a template in the Real Estate category. If you like the page that we show above, create a similar page using this template.
  3. Customize your page. You can edit texts, replace photos, add your contact details, etc. You can also change the page theme.
  4. Publish the page to get a link.

If you want to know more details about creating a Taplink, read this step-by-step guide

After you get your Taplink link, add it to your Instagram bio. Also, add it to your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Then, you can get clients from these social networks too. The instructions are here

How to create a custom real estate bio for your Instagram profile

A custom real estate bio for an Instagram profile is more compelling than a ready idea like those we suggest above. This is because you know the pain points of exactly your followers. And you can resolve them in your bio to encourage more followers to take action. Below you can find tips on how to write a custom bio.

1. Tell your followers about your real estate business

Your Instagram bio must make clear what real estate services you provide. You may need to say that you help with buying and selling property.

Add details that your clients may need. For example, add a location if you buy or sell property in a particular city, state, or country. You may also add your specialization if you buy and sell only living houses or only offices, only luxury real estate or with low-cost buildings, etc.

2. Include your brokerage information

Mention your brokerage or agency affiliation in your Instagram bio. For example, if you are a real estate agent, mention the agency you work in, you can even, you can even link to its account in your bio. This way you prove that you are licensed to what you offer, which means buying or selling real estate with you is safe and profitable. When your followers trust you, they are more likely to deal with you.

3. Add a call to action to your real estate bio on Instagram

Make the next step clear in your real estate bio for Instagram so that your followers don't have to think. If they start thinking, they may get into doubts and slip away. Tell your followers to tap the link in your bio to get more information or contact you. Remember, that the link must lead to your Taplink so that any follower can find what they need.

The bottom line

Now you know what text and link make a real estate bio on Instagram a great tool for finding new clients through social media. Use a ready idea from the list above or write your custom text to make your bio compelling. Create a Taplink and link to it to make your bio convert.