Small business captions for Instagram posts

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Updated 19 March, 2024
Julia Moore
Content Marketer and Writer
Making up small business captions might be fun at the beginning. But enthusiasm wears out quickly. When you have no more inspiration and ideas, use the Instagram post captions below. Also, make sure to follow the tip for converting more users into clients, you can read it at the end.
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As a future millionaire, you should understand what small business captions contribute to your brand growth. Whether you post on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or other social networks, these are the captions that include:

  • Readable and engaging text. These are small business quotes that catch and retain users' attention and make them subscribe to you. You can find ideas in this article.
  • A call to action. This is a short phrase that invites users to follow a link and buy your product. It can be simply "follow the link in my bio".
  • A link. Ideally, it is a clickable link in the caption that allows users to buy here and now. But on Instagram, you need to add it to your bio first, and then in captions encourage users to follow it. More on this below.
  • Hashtags. They let more users know about you. For example, on Instagram people who are not subscribed to you can find your post with hashtags in the search. Read how to use Instagram hashtags for this.

Here is an example. On the 1st screenshot, you can see a small business caption of an Instagram post which includes everything listed above. On the 2nd, there is the bio with a clickable link. And on the 3rd one, there is a page for selling a product.

Instagram post about honey inviting users to follow the link in the bioInstagram profile with a highlighted landing page link in its bioTaplink page with a catalog and opt-in form made for a small business selling honey

You can view the full page for selling honey here. We explain how to create a similar page quickly on Taplink after the small business quotes.

Small business captions for posts

This part includes readable and engaging texts that you can use for your small business captions on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms. There are texts for launching and promoting your business, for appreciating support, and more.

Captions for opening a small business

When you are just opening your small business, you definitely need to announce this important event on social media. Here are some good post caption ideas for a company:

  • The wait is over! Our doors swing wide open to welcome you to our grand opening!
  • Today's the day! We're officially OPEN for business. Come celebrate with us!
  • New beginnings, endless possibilities. Join us as we launch our small business journey!
  • From blueprint to reality, our vision is now alive! Come celebrate with us!
  • Cue the applause! Our local shop is officially open for business!
  • The grand reveal is here! Join us as we debut our small business to the world!
  • The moment we've all been waiting for: Our grand opening is finally here!
  • Lights on, doors opened! Step right up, we're open for business!
  • Let the countdown end and the excitement begin — we're open!
  • Small business, big heart. Come be a part of our journey from day one!

New business captions for Instagram

If you have already opened the doors recently and now need some introductory posts, here are the captions for a new business on Instagram:

  • New kid on the block, but with big dreams! Explore our unique offerings and discover why we're your new favorite spot.
  • Hello world! We're here to shake things up with our innovative approach to [product/service]. Come see what all the buzz is about!
  • Introducing [Business Name] — your fresh destination for [product/service]! Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together.
  • Just opened our doors and we're already buzzing with excitement! Come be a part of our journey as we redefine [product/service] in [location].
  • Bringing a breath of fresh air to [location]! Discover our brand new spot for [product/service] and be among the first to experience it.
  • Brand spanking new and ready to wow you! Step into [Business Name] and be prepared to be amazed by our unique take on [product/service].
  • New to the scene but here to stay! Discover the magic of [Business Name] as we set out to become your go-to spot for [product/service].
  • Just launched and already making waves! Join us at [Business Name] as we make our mark in the world of [product/service].
  • Fresh faces, fresh ideas! Explore the innovative offerings at [Business Name] and be a part of our exciting journey from the very start.
  • Come celebrate the beginning of something special with us at [Business Name]. Let's make history together!

Caption for promoting a small business product

Once you are settled on social media, it's time to be active in your product promotion. Here are small business caption ideas for selling products on Instagram:

  • Ready to upgrade your [specific area]? Our latest [Product Name] is here to elevate your experience.
  • Introducing [Product Name] — your solution to [specific problem]. Grab yours now!
  • Elevate your [routine/activity] with [Product Name]. Quality and convenience combined!
  • Looking for the perfect [gift/essential]? [Product Name] has you covered.
  • Discover the difference with [Product Name]. Order yours today and see the results!
  • Say goodbye to [frustration/problem] with [Product Name]. Shop now and simplify your life!
  • Transform your [specific area] with our premium [Product Name]. Quality guaranteed.
  • Join the [Product Name] revolution. Experience the difference for yourself.
  • Ready to enhance your [experience/task]? [Product Name] has everything you need.
  • Make every moment count with [Product Name]. Shop now and start enjoying the benefits!

Small Business Saturday captions for posts

Make the most of the Small Business Saturday with these captions for Instagram posts:

  • This Small Business Saturday, discover the magic of local treasures. Shop with us and make a difference!
  • Supporting small businesses isn't just a purchase, it's an investment in your community. Join us this Saturday!
  • From our family to yours, thank you for choosing to support small businesses this weekend. Let's make it special.
  • Join us this Saturday for a shopping experience filled with heart, soul, and local charm. See you there!
  • Small businesses, big dreams. Your support this Saturday means the world to us. Let's celebrate together!
  • When you choose to shop small, you're supporting dreams, not just products. We would appreciate your support!
  • Discover the joy of shopping local this Small Business Saturday. We can't wait to welcome you!
  • This Saturday, let's celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and community. Shop small and feel the difference!
  • From handmade crafts to personalized service, there's something special waiting for you this Saturday. Join us!
  • Small Business Saturday is more than just a day — it's a celebration of the heart and soul of our community. Become a part of it!

Appreciation for supporting my small business

Express your gratitude to those who support your small business with these Instagram caption ideas for posts:

  • Your support as a small business means the world to us. Thank you for choosing to shop with us!
  • Grateful for each and every one of you who supports our small business. Your patronage makes a huge difference to us!
  • A heartfelt thank you to all our customers for supporting us as a small business. We couldn't do it without you!
  • To our amazing supporters: Thank you for believing in our vision and helping us grow as a small business. You're part of our journey!
  • From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing to support our small business. We appreciate each and every one of you!
  • We're immensely grateful for your support of our small business. Thank you for being part of our team!
  • Running a small business is a journey, and we're thankful to have you along for the ride. Your support keeps us going!
  • Thank you for being the backbone of our small business. Your support means everything to us!
  • To all our wonderful customers: Thank you for supporting our small business and making the big dream possible. We couldn't do it without you!
  • Your support of our small business means everything to us. Thank you for choosing to shop local and be a part of our community!

How to convert Instagram users into customers

A good small business post caption can make Instagram users want to buy your product. But there is one more thing that you need to make their "want" into "do". It is a landing page which is a bridge between a post to the checkout.

Users who get interested by a post need more info or the buy button to become your customer. You can't add a clickable link and fit all the information in one Instagram post caption. But you can place all these on a landing page and add the page to your bio.

Here is an example of how it works. In the first screenshot, you can see a post caption in a small business profile that invites users to follow the link in the bio. In the second screenshot, there is the profile page with a landing page link. And in the third one, there is the landing page made on Taplink.

Instagram post about honey inviting users to follow the link in the bioInstagram profile with a highlighted landing page link in its bioTaplink page with a catalog and opt-in form made for a small business selling honey

View the full page here.

This is what you can add to your landing page to increase the conversion:

  • Product presentation. Your product features and advantages.
  • Catalog. All the assortment of your products.
  • Brand description. Your values and brand story may be reasons to support your small business.
  • Customer reviews. What people say about your products.
  • Pre-order button. A contact button or an opt-in form to order a physical product.
  • Map with clickable location links. Exact address and links for creating a route in a map app.
  • Buy button. Directing users to checkout if you sell digital products.

And many more!

We are generous with tips today, here is another one — use Taplink page templates to create your link in bio page in a matter of minutes. There are templates for 20 niches, so you can definitely find one for your small business after you sign up. Here are examples:

Taplink macaron store page template for high conversionLink in bio page template for a beauty salon on Taplink

Follow the steps to create a link in bio page for your small business profile on Instagram:

  1. Sign up on Taplink.
  2. Choose a page template.
  3. Customize your page.
  4. Publish your page.

Here is a guide on creating a landing page on Taplink, read it if you have questions when creating your page.

Once your selling page is ready, you need to add your landing page to your bio on Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks. You can read here how.

The bottom line

Now you have small business caption ideas for announcing, introducing, and promoting your product on Instagram and other social profiles. Don't stop on this! Create a landing page on Taplink and increase your conversion.