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How do I make rounded blocks?

To configure block rounding, switch to the design theme editing mode and set the necessary parameters in the "Blocks" section. Rounding is set in px, 0 - blocks are rectangular, 50px - maximum rounding. Press the "Save" button to apply the changes.

How do I adjust the colors for the "Image carousel" block?

To customize the colors of the "Image Carousel" block, switch to the theme editing mode and set the necessary parameters in the "Blocks" section. Press the "Save" button to apply the changes.

How do I set my color code?

To set your color code in the color selection window, go to the "Custom Color" tab, where you select it from the palette or enter it manually. When you enter your own color code, the code looks like #******, with # at the beginning, 6 characters. Transparency (alpha channel) is set in the settings in the Reference section, not in the color code.

How do I adjust the background color or background image?

To customize the background color and the background picture, go to the theme editing mode and set the necessary parameters in the "Background" section.

For the background, you can choose a one-color fill or a two-color gradient.

For the background image you set the image itself, its position on the page (adaptive by width, stretch to full width, stretch to full screen or tile), alignment, repeat mode and transparency (0% - opaque).

The format of the background picture should match the length of your Taplink. The more information on the page, the longer it should be. We do not recommend to use large background images, this worsens the loading time of your page on slow internet connections and on weak devices.

To apply the changes, click the "Save" button.

What are modules?

The "Modules" page contains settings for integrations with external systems (mailing services, analytics systems, etc.). To connect "Module" you need two actions:

1. Configure its parameters and activate them in the corresponding block of the "Modules" page.

 2. Enable this module for the block where it should work.

What should be the resolution of the background picture?

The format of the background picture should match the length of your Taplink.

The more information on the page, the longer it should be. But we don't recommend using large background images, it worsens the loading time of your page on slow internet connections and on weak devices. 

Focus on the possibility of seamless splicing images in height. By width - we recommend focusing on 540 or 1080 pixels.

It is recommended to choose the background fill color corresponding to the background color of the selected image. This is very important because your visitors can also not see the text in the case the picture will not be loaded (for example, due to poor quality or low-speed internet). If you specify a background color close to the image, people will first see the text, the background color, and when the picture will be loaded - will see the picture in the background.

How do I set up notifications of new requests and payments?

To set up notifications about new requests and payments, go to Modules - Notifications. You can receive notifications to any number of email or messenger addresses.

For example for Telegram (similar for FB Messenger):

1. Choose Telegram
2. Find chat @taplink
3. Type /start with your individual code in the chat. It can be copied from the notifications settings page
4. Press the "Activate" button

For setting up notifications to email:

1. Choose "E-Mail"
2. Enter the necessary address
3. Click the button "Send invitation"
4. Follow the link from the letter (sender address is [email protected]) and confirm connecting the account.

When using e-mail notifications it is recommended to add [email protected] address to the address book of the postal service. It will prevent messages from getting into the spam folder or being filtered by the anti-spam system.

The list of accounts for which you have enabled notifications is on the "Connections" tab. To deactivate notifications you need to remove the corresponding account from the list.

You can configure the list of events about which you will receive notifications on the "Notifications" tab by unchecking/unchecking the corresponding box and pressing the "Save" button.

What are the "Sections"?

Sections allow you to combine several blocks into a single design theme, highlighting them with a background of any color or background image.

Sections can be local (created directly on the page for one or more blocks) or global (created in the design theme, they are easy to apply in one click to the desired blocks).

What is a Jivosite module? How do I connect it?

Jivosite is a business messenger for communicating with your customers on the site, in social networks and messengers, by phone and e-mail. That popup in the bottom corner. Read more at

Taplink jivosite is connected through modules.

Installation is simple. You need to register on JivoSite, and then paste the received code into the module and click connect.

Please note: the services of this service (as well as other integrations) are paid for separately. We only provide the ability to integrate jivo with Taplink.

What is the Open Graph for? / How do I set my own text and image when sharing a link?

You can read about Open Graph on Google:

The Open Graph protocol allows any Web page to become a full-fledged social media object. For example, the protocol is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.

The purpose of this module in our service is to change the default text and picture when a link is posted on social networks.

Setting up this module comes down to entering your data - title, description and image, which will be displayed when you share a link to your tablink in messengers and social networks.

What external CRM-systems are supported?

In terms of connecting third-party CRM system, the only thing you can do is link webhook and this CRM via or ApiX-Drive (also built on the principle of Zapier, detailed help on configuring You may need someone with a technical background to do this. The point is that through the webhook module we can send data to the zapier/ApiX-Drive and they will send data to the CRM in a different format (needed for your CRM).

How do I connect Google Analytics?

In order for Taplink data to appear in the resource you created, you must add the Analytics tag.

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
2. Click Administrator.
3. In the Account column, check if the right account is selected (under the "+ Create account" button at the top).
4. In the Resource column, check if the correct resource is selected, then click Data Streams and click the Sites tab. Select the data stream.
5. Under the instructions for adding tags, click New Tag on Page and select Global Tag (gtag.js). A page tag will appear - code that takes up the entire section starts with a snippet

<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->

and ends with a snippet of


Copy the Google Analytics page tag and place it in Taplink, under Modules - Google Analytics

How are payments accepted at Taplink?

Payments are accepted through payment systems. In fact, you make a button (block "Form and payments"), and we redirect to the payment system, where the customer makes the payment. According to its results the payment system sends us a notification. On the basis of this notification, we change the status of the order to "paid".

Taplink does not operate with money, all payment and withdrawal fees are on the side of the payment systems. You can request the current list of supported payment systems from our technical support (via the "Ask a question" button).

In addition, there is a "manual payment" mode (payment outside of Taplink with the possibility of providing the customer with the appropriate instructions), in this option you change the status of the payment to "paid" manually.

How do I make changes to the payment settings?

To enter the mode of editing payment settings, you need to confirm the entry through a one-time code that comes to the email address linked to the account.

How do I connect my domain?

To get a link like, you need to register a domain with any of the registrars, then specify its name in "Settings - General - Custom domain" and click "Connect domain". 

To complete the settings in the domain settings on the registrar-side, you must change the DNS servers to, 

What is "manual payment"?

If payment is made outside of Taplink, for example, to courier or cash on pickup, cash on delivery, by invoice to a legal entity, etc., you can choose "Manual payment" mode (Settings - Payments - Add payment system - Manual payment), configuring it to your needs. Here you can also create several methods of "manual payment".

How do I confirm the domain for Facebook?

You can confirm ownership of a domain for Facebook only if you have connected your domain to taplink (bought your domain from the registrar and linked it to taplink). Confirm ownership of the link of the form is not possible under any circumstances. There are over 2 million different pages on the domain. Buying your own domain for Facebook confirmation is mandatory.

You can confirm the rights to the domain connected to Taplink through the Meta tag (select this method of confirmation, not a file or dns record) by placing it in Settings - General - Insert HTML code.

When I enter the required DNS servers, my registrar writes that they are not available. What should I do?

If and try to enter the following DNS:

What is "Test Mode" in payments?

This is the mode that is used to test the integration of the site with the acquiring bank or payment system.

In the test mode you can make purchases from yourself using the data of the test cards (information on them can be obtained from the bank / payment system), without real money transactions and the corresponding commissions.

Is it possible to connect a subdomain and how to do it?

To connect a subdomain, you need to make a record on your domain's DNS servers like

subdomain CNAME

(instead of "subdomain" use desired subdomain name. In the screenshot it's "tap")

Wait 2-4 hours (to update the DNS zone) and specify your subdomain in Taplink. Click the "Check DNS" button to complete the subdomain binding.