The top 20 most followed Instagram accounts | the 2021 year-end ranking

Julia Moore
Owners of the most followed accounts on Instagram show millions of people their lives. Among these people are influencers, actors, singers, sportsmen and just public figures. In this article, we'll give you a list of the 20 biggest Instagram accounts by the end of 2021.
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20. Miley Cyrus — 149 million followers

Miley Cyrus starts our ranking and takes the 20th spot. If you look at her account, you can find snapshots from photoshoots and behind-the-stage videos. Miley is famous for her outrageous image.

19. Nicki Minaj — 161 million followers

Nicki Minaj did a great job to become a famous rap artist. Now she is on the list of the 30 richest rap singers.

18. Virat Kohli — 162 million followers

Virat Kohli is a world-famous Indian cricketer. On his page, he posts some moments from everyday life and shows his training and work processes.

17. Neymar — 163 million followers

The Brazilian football player in the list of the most popular Instagram accounts. Neymar owns a page where he shares photos, advertising well-known brands and showing parts of his professional life.

16. Nike — 178 million followers

The famous Nike brand is very popular among young people and athletes. This Instagram profile contains sport products. But you can't find direct advertising here. The brand has its own philosophy, which it shares with 178 million followers.

15. Jennifer Lopez — 180 million followers

Jennifer Lopez dedicated her Instagram account to her life. She posts behind-the-scenes snapshots, news about her upcoming songs and just shows the followers her life.

14. Taylor Swift — 182 million followers

Move on to the 14th spot of this list. It's taken by Taylor Swift, a talented singer. Her account stands out from others because she pays considerable attention to the Instagram feed, trying to make posts in one style.

13. National Geographic — 189 million followers

National Geographic magazine has been around since the advent of digital technology. Alongside with the channel and the website, there is an Instagram account with more than 189 million followers. You can see any part of the world virtually if you visit National Geographic's account.

12. Khloe Kardashian — 191 million followers

Unsurprisingly, a member from the Kardashian-Jenner family is in this ranking. As all of her sisters, Khloe Kardashian shares with followers her luxury life through feed or Stories.

11. Kendall Jenner — 196 million followers

Kendall is no less popular than her whole family. But she's well-known not only for being a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, she's an in-demand model. Her Instagram account is full of photos from fashion shows, photoshoots and moments of her personal life.

10. Justin Bieber — 201 million followers

Justin Bieber is quite a controversial personality. While many people are his fans, others openly dislike him. Despite this, the singer is popular in many areas. 201 million people followed his profile.

9. Beyoncé — 215 million followers

Beyoncé takes the ninth place among the most followed accounts. Moreover, she's one of the hundred most influential representatives of show business in the world. Beyoncé shares with her followers photos from events, photoshoots and moments from her personal life.

8. Kim Kardashian — 259 million followers

Another representative of the Kardashian-Jenner family is Kim Kardashian. She is a TV star and businesswoman, as everyone in this family. Kim leads an active luxury lifestyle and shares snapshots from shootings and personal life on Instagram.

7. Selena Gomez — 269 million followers

Selena Gomez, musician and actor, is the owner of the account with more than 269 million followers. Her Instagram feed is full of personal photos and videos.

6. Ariana Grande — 272 million followers

Ariana Grande, a popular singer, takes the 6th position in the list of the biggest accounts in the world. If you're looking at her page, you'll see her own photo, as well as photo collages and videos made by her fans.

5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — 275 million followers

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is an active user of all his socials, including Instagram. The actor and wrestler posts pics of his daily life, including some moments from family time, gym, shootings, etc. Dwayne Johnson achieves huge popularity everywhere.

4. Leo Messi — 276 million followers

Move on to the next biggest account. Lionel Messi is another famous footballer in our list. He has also reached the top of popularity on the social network, showing personal life's photos to his followers. If you visit his account, you'll see snapshots from football training, some moments from the days with family and friends.

3. Kylie Jenner — 277 million followers

Kylie Jenner takes the third place among the most followed accounts. More than 277 million people follow her very move virtually. If you like watching a luxury life, look at her account. She posts amazing snapshots from her daily activities.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo — 358 million followers

The world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is well-known not only for being the best player in Portugal history, but also for obtaining the biggest human Instagram account. More than 358 people around the world follow him and look at his life through smartphone screens. He posts photos from his professional life, as well as showing some lifestyle moments.

1. Instagram — 435 million followers

It's obvious, but the most popular page belongs to Instagram itself. 435 million people follow it and find inspiration there.

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Let's recap

Now you know the list of the 20 most followed Instagram accounts in the world. This ranking can change over time because news in the celebrity world can draw attention to their Instagram pages, or vice versa reverse the attitude radically.

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